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Postby Piotrek » Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:01 pm

Ok, so if u don't like coupons, and u don't think about pillars in way to fall faster, why u are on this topic? I'm not a golder, I am strong thanks to coupons only and some experience from Kongregate when I was playing there. For me coupons are the primary thing to get stronger, upgrade gear, upgrade skills, get more slots open for purples. I don't know what is ur galaxy and on what power are u standing but I know u have targets that don't play regulary, or they are just someone alts, or ppl don't play. Other way ur gal don't have any hostiles and war, just everybody are normal and u are just playing in peace so that's the reason why u have 85% wins (most I bet is thanks to WAR chapters), but someday u will see the different when u will have higher power and u will be a nice target for other players. Ur 85% wins will drop diametrically. Now mayby u don't see the point to get more coupons from pillars but someday u will or u will be buying in auction peace cards all the time to not being attacked and u will hit only Phantom Nebula members where u have to spend 3ap per attack.

So if u don't need coupons, why u are writing in this topic?
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Re: Pillar Crystals

Postby Gizmet » Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:40 pm

I'm not saying I don't need or like coupons. I'm saying that they're something which builds up over time regardless of the speed at which pillars fall.
The reason I first posted on this thread was to make the statement that complaining about pillars every time they seem to last too long (I watched rex drop in about 3-4 hrs earlier today, btw), or when trolling or pax's pillar doesn't last more than a day only serves to distract devs from making more productive changes to the game (maybe even coming up with more ways to earn coupons).

I'm actually taking my sweet time with war missions (I've been on chapter 10, post chapter N for close to a month, now). And I PvP fairly regularly (always at least three times a day for the mission. Most days more), as that's a much more efficient way to get resources than waiting for them to build-up from mine, power plant, and cc. So nope, not war missions where my stats come from.
My galaxy's hostile with 4 other galaxies and at war with a fifth, so there's plenty of players who have incentive to attack us. I hear a fair number of players in my galaxy complain about being attacked daily, whereas I usually only get hit once or twice a week (and sometimes I win those battles). So it's not being in a peacful galaxy either.
So please, don't assume that just because I have the patience to grow slower, it means I'm completely helpless against the onslaught of all you more experienced and stronger manly man players. It just means I have patience.
I apologize for having made the assumption that you're a golder. And I'm sorry if you feel that you're not getting stronger fast enough. But if that's the case, when you're getting at least twice as many coupons as me every time a pillar falls, then my suggestion is to just suck it up and start ponying up the cash.
Or don't. Whatever.
Just quit complaining about pillar wars over and over again, so the people who make this game can work on making it better (<---- note this is the point of my posting on this thread. I believe I've mentioned it at least three times, now).
"It's not whether you win or lose. It's how much trash you talk while you play the game."
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