Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Postby flickk » Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:23 pm

I know there are 3 different things in place to let you know that a fellow Galaxy member is the current top bidder on an item in the auction house.
1, The price is written in italics
2, when you click on the item and it brings up the item in a small dialog box, the price in that screen will be yellow/gold in color
3, If you click bid it gives a pop up saying that a galaxy member is the current top bidder and asks you to confirm your bid

Even with these measures in place it seems like some people are still outbidding their galaxy mates(which can be really annoying) and taking their stuff. So my proposal is to do one of 2 things, or both but really 1 would be sufficient

1, Anytime anyone is outbid by a member of their galaxy, a system message is generated on their galaxy message board(kinda like when someone uses a pillar crystal or donates ore to the pillar) with the players name(both the original bidder and the one that out bid them), the item in question, and the bid amounts


2, Anytime anyone is outbid by a member of their galaxy, a message is sent to both the player that got outbid(this could be just like the current mail message you get when ever you get outbid but could have the added extra of the galaxy member that placed the bid) and a message to the galaxy leader(something basic letting them know what happened, a who did it, who it was done to, and the item they are trying for)
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Re: Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Postby snowus » Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:14 am

Thats seems like a very good idea just not sure how feasible it is for a programmer to do this?

What PM has in place should be enough it tells you that you are over bidding a Gal Mate.

Quite honestly some just flat out could careless who has the high bid.

Once that happens they feel like they can in turn and out bid a Gal Mate since they were just out bid by a fellow Gal Mate.

It can be a circle that never ends when you get a couple of stubborn Gal Mates going at it.
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Re: Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Postby admin » Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:41 pm

There will always be a few players who will still intentionally overbid, whether it's one color identification mechanism or 100 confirmation dialogs they have to go through. Sometimes it could be a good reason where they really need the item more than the current bidder. We don't plan to add any mechanism to alert everyone in the galaxy when this happens and the auction bidding is anonymous.
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Re: Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Postby Thomas » Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:37 pm

The reason I believe he is requesting that feature is because if a message is sent to the Galaxy leader that Player X has overbid Player Y then the Galaxy Leader can warn Player X to stop over bidding fellow Galaxy Members, If Player X continues to over bid fellow Galaxy Members then the Galaxy leader will know and can kick him from the Galaxy.

So yes to add the feature to where the Galaxy leader or even the whole Galaxy knows would be beneficial, Because if it was posted on the Galaxy Board then even the Galaxy Vices can then kick the member out. Yes people will still over bid, But it would finally give proof to who is doing it and how often and give a way to prevent that person from doing it again(by kicking him out of the Galaxy).

I believe something like this needs to be put in, Tho I don't really care since I don't really play any more.
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Re: Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Postby admin » Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:08 pm

If we want to prevent galaxy members from intentionally overbidding each other, we would just not allow it, and would be much simpler than what is already in place. There are practical reasons to overbid galaxy members and tactical reasons such as proxy bidding for a member who will come (back) online to bid later, so we want to allow the flexibility without having to spam the galaxy board. If the on-going occurrences is frequent enough to be a major issue and we had the extra time, what may be a more practical solution is add a per galaxy setting whether overbidding is allowed within the galaxy.

Given we have many of the credits-wealthy players in the same galaxy on the FB server, the overbidding is more likely to happen and needs to be possible. If it's not pre-arranged, we do encourage the same-galaxy overbidder to communicate via galaxy chat or galaxy board why they have or want to overbid.
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Re: Overbidding a Galaxy memeber

Postby Brett » Sat May 03, 2014 12:41 pm

Sometime it happens by accident and most of the time it is done on purpose.

I have overbid on accident before cause i wasnt fully awake and i have been over bid also

Pre arranged doesnt matter to someone that would overbid anyways
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