Staudt Hard friends

Staudt Hard friends

Postby Gizmet » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:25 pm

Hey, so I'm looking for friends who would like to do staudt hard as regularly as possible. Ideally, folks with deck strength of at least 3500 who don't auto-play and understand basic tactical ideas like not using skill cards on enemies who'll be killed by heroes and saving flames for armored zerks and stuns for zerks in general.

Anyway, my facebook URL:

Or you can do a search for "Paul Kingstob" (yes, with a "b," I'm pretty sure I'm still the only kingstob on fb, so I should be the only guy to show up in search).

Or you can post your facebook URL in this thread (especially if you're also looking to get more friends for staudt hard).

My deck stregnth is about 4500, and includes 3 blue stuns and 6 purple heroes (so far, just a few days from promoting a 7th). And I've completed the win 10 staudt hard achievement, so it's not like I'm just looking for overpowered friends to run me through staudt hard (although overpowered friends to run me through stuadt insane would certainly be nice).
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