Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby Kalon » Sun May 04, 2014 7:47 am

This is LordScimitar of G20. I was slowly losing interest in this game and trying to come up with a way to liven it up for myself and I think I found it--by helping others. I want to start a new initiative to help everyone not in G9 or G20 to grow stronger quicker. And the best way to do that is to unlock more planets, which unlock more resources, higher building levels, and just the feel of actual progression in the game.

I'm far from the strongest in the game, but my MF and my reinforcements have been used in gaining a lot of people fifth, sixth, and even seventh planet unlocks. While my skills on my character's aren't terribly high, my techs are, and that really makes a difference. G20 has a dozen people stronger than I, so my reinforcements there don't amount to all that much. But those in G11, G37, G42, G48, G51, G69, G143, and all the other pillar galaxies and non-pillar galaxies I believe would benefit from me reinforcing them.

So, here's what I offer. Right here, I'm starting a sign up sheet for my reinforcements. If you can handle a MF reinforcement (Army power of 125 million) I'll send my MF and a fleet of MS to you for an entire week. We'll have to friend each other on Facebook, then those reinforcements are yours. If someone else requests them, I'll give them 15 minutes or so to use them, then send them right back to whomever I'm currently supporting for the week. Hopefully, with a week's time, people will be able to make some good storyline progress. I'll do my very best to keep my MS built up so I never run low for you.

Please note that I am a 31-year old with a family and a full time job, and my work lately has been on and off blocking facebook apps. I promise to do the best I can to keep my army in stock and on you for that week--but things do happen, so just be understanding of that, please. Also, I do need to do some PVP for resources. So I'll occasionally drop in power while doing my PVP, but it's a short time span and it'll just be bad luck if I drop down at the exact same time you're doing war. Even then, my Brianna won't drop in power at all, and Hanna's alternate equipment is still high in war, so it won't be too drastic. If you're currently a target of mine, after the week's up, I will unfriend, and continue my normal ways. Otherwise, all my targets could sign up, and I'd never be able to PVP again. Nothing personal--CC45 takes 11m credits and 19.6m ore, and that ain't easy to get.

All I ask is that you sign up here, and mention your character name/galaxy you're in, along with the army size you use for storyline so I know what the best reinforcements to send you are. Also, if you would, after the week's over if you could post how much you progressed that would be wonderful. I'd love to know what difference I really am making.

Final Note--if there are any others that consider themselves fairly strong that would like to offer up their reinforcements as well, please post, and I'll do my best to arrange it to help the most people as we can.

So, my main two characters I'm offering up are:

Brianna-MF Character
War 967
Command 526

Multi 4
Dodge 3
Repair 3
Attack 3
Defense 5
Hit 3
Crit 3
Triple 3

Hanna-MS/Fighter Character
War: 802
Command: 735

Multi 6
Dodge 4
Combo 2
Attack 4
Command Up 4
Speed 5
Hit 5
Triple 4

Carrot 43
Armor 40
Defense 42
Dodge 43
Lethality 42

Carrot 43
Dodge 43
Defense 42
Armor 40
Lethality Defense 42

Carrot 43
Attack 43
Target 41
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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby snowus » Sun May 04, 2014 6:15 pm

I am in as well just send me a email and we can arrange it the same as Kalon has stated above..

Not as strong as Kalons but it works very well for Chapters 5,6, and some of 7.

MF has 1149 War

Level 8 Multi--Triple-- Dodge--Stealth

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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby Gizmet » Mon May 05, 2014 3:08 am

I think that is a great thing for you guys to do. I'm currently about where I want to be at this point, and not doing much story, but I'll be putting a link for this forum on the message board for my galaxy (g42), where I think there's really a good number of players who could use some high powered reins to help with getting farther along.

Also, do you guys think you might be able to ask Darkonne (From what I understand, easily most powerful player. And I believe is in your galaxy. Also pretty sure I've misspelled that name.) if he might want to participate in this?
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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby snowus » Mon May 05, 2014 9:09 am

Snows MF is all Carrot.. If not being used , I am more then willing to send MF Rein to anyone in any Gal to help them get stronger.

We will just need to add you as FB Friend and it will be a very easy to send MF Rein on request.

I cant speak for Dark as he is quite busy.

With all requests he already gets from G20 he usually has his hands full as soon as he logs in.

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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby Piotrek » Mon May 05, 2014 12:01 pm

Those gals and all other active could copy a link to this topic on GMB then mayby more people would answer. I just noticed only g20 members are writing here and Gizmet, but If someone need reins I can help too just mail me ;) I can also help to the ch13 with my reins but im not doing fighters only can offer my MS and MF :p Here's my profile link if u need rein I will accept but write me mail then I will know :)

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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby That Anime Snob » Fri May 09, 2014 9:33 am

I would like MS to finally beat those clowns. My avatar is Roritta Z of galaxy 42
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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby Guilherme » Mon May 12, 2014 10:48 am

I am Guilherme from G20
I can help anyone that want help
I am not so strong as the other members of g20, but i can help with reinforcement to get the 5th planet
my main heroes are:

Tamara (MF)
War 831
Com 403

Multi 5
Dodge 4
Repair 3
Atk up 5
Defense up 4
Hit 6
Triple 5
Hide 5

Missile 37 (Or carrot 34)
Dodge 37
Attack 37
Armor 35
Letha Def 37

War 805
Com 399

Multi 4
Dodge 4
Repair 3
Atk up 5
Com up 4
Def up 4
Triple 4
Pierc 3

FB url: https://www.facebook.com/Guilherme1206
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Re: Powerful Reinforcements Opening to All Galaxies

Postby Solis » Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:29 am

i could use some help
Gal 11
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