new players/ galaxies with base building 3

new players/ galaxies with base building 3

Postby Gizmet » Mon May 05, 2014 2:58 am

I really think it would be a good idea to start placing new players in galaxies with base building level 3, preferably ones that have controlled a pillar within a week of the player getting placed in a galaxy. Based on some talks I've had with a few players who've been playing much longer than me, there's a fair amount of dissatisfaction with the fact that the player base of this game doesn't really seem to be growing a significant amount, and may even be shrinking. And I think when a new player finds himself in a dead galaxy, it is very easy for that player to decide it's not worth the time to play very actively and relatively quickly quit altogether, which is probably a major factor in the lack of growth.

Anyway, I'm hoping that older (or newer) players could join me in telling the devs that this very simple change could help to keep their interest in a game that many of them have invested a lot of time (and in some cases money) in this game by posting in this thread to show support this idea. I think that, combined with the fact that you wouldn't have to dig very deep into these forums to see that these players and I frequently disagree just might have a chance of sending the message that maybe this is something they should try.

I mean, if a player wants to start a new galaxy (something which this game really doesn't need at this time), fine. But then that player should have to recruit players and invest his or her resources into getting to base building 3, instead of having guys who just started getting thrown into his galaxy (which is frequently dead as the founder has probably given up when he realized how much of an investment building a galaxy actually is), where there is likely little to no actual community for this new player to learn about the game from, and play in this game with.
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