Raise Gear Levels With a New Gem or Upgrade Card

Raise Gear Levels With a New Gem or Upgrade Card

Postby snowus » Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:39 am

There are a quite few members here in TWorld as well as in Kongregate that have stopped playing this game for numerous reasons.

One of the reasons is that they reached the Highest Levels in there Gear Levels by buying Gold only to have New Gear come out that makes there old Gear semi obsolete. I say "Semi" Obsolete.

Why not make some kind of option to raise Gear Levels without having to bid for the New Gear in Auction or get blind lucky in the Mall

Possibly make a New Gem or New Upgrade Card that would allow you to raise the Gear Levels in small increments with a chance to reach the Max Level at some point with a guaranteed number of Gems or Cards.

I think you would be surprised how many would be in favor of a option to raise there current Max Level Gears with a Gem/Upgrade Card Option.

I know it would increase the sale of Gems and Upgrade cards if there was that kind of a option available.

Im not suggesting that you could raise your Levels from a Purple Level 45 Gear - to a Purple Level 70 Gear but maybe a a Max of 2 Levels Per Equipment Max. That would at least extend the life of your Top Level Equipment for say another 12-18 months depending on how the Updates/Expansion were set up.

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Re: Raise Gear Levels With a New Gem or Upgrade Card

Postby Darth » Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:11 pm

there is every thing already in game that would be needed....

craft system form the skill cards
enchancements system form the gear system
promote system for the hero system

you can use the 3 system to design a 4th system that use elemets of the other 3, by this I mean

lets start with a lvl 50 green war sword. you can use the fallowing idea to make it a lvl 30 blue sword
craft the lvl50 green war sword + 100 green crystals + 20 blue crystals + 5 gems of 2nd stat wanted = lvl 30 blue blue sword with ? 2nd stat

then to turn that lvl 30 blue sword to a lvl 35 you use the fallowing
craft the lvl 30 sword + 2 each enhancement gems (of stat on weapon) + 20 blue gems = lvl 35 blue sword
(can also add a success rate to this part like with skills and gear upgrades as follows for each lvl up grade as in lvl 5 -10 is 100% you lose 10% percent success rate but have a sure thing like with the success in XX trys.)

you can then also fallow the same idea to craft a blue lvl 50 to a lvl 30 purple just use and idea like
craft lvl 50 blue sward (war / com) + 50 blue + 10 purple crystals + 5 gems of the 3rd stat (same as with the blue) would result in a lvl 30 purple sword.
you can also use the same set up to raise the level of the gear to up the chain.

not only will this bring more playablity to the game but not drive the money droppers that get upset or crossed when they just spent a lot of money on gear to be out done by some one that came after that drops the cash for the new gear. not to say this will also have the side effect to get people to spend some cash on crystals gems to craft the gear upgrades

just my thoughts and how to do it.

Sorry for the poor typing and that i was tried when typing this!
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