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next update

Postby Gizmet » Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:31 pm

okay, seems like a decent time to get the ball rolling on ideas/ suggestions for the next update. Here's what I got:

1) and equipment sets tab in hero screen. There's a lot of ways this could work, I think ideally something that let's you create 2 or 3 sets for each hero. Then you could (for example) go to your tech heroes just before logging off and equip a "tech set" to each one that would pull (maybe with a warning) all the high tech gear (with enough war/com to be preferable on a ships hero) on other hero's because it also has high from whatever heroes it's on and put on those them so they'd advance your techs faster while you're gone.

2) now that treasure's really upping the crystals we get, something new to do with them would be nice. My ideas would be either using them (in massive quantities) to build talent books (yellow/greens for common ones like engineering or hit, green/blues for slightly better skills like crit or talented, blue/ purple for good ones like repair or avoid, and purp/ gold for very top skills like triple). Alternatively, maybe they could be used to upgrade woh gear from white to green to blue to purple. In either case, I'm talking about using a LOT of crystals (like 10k yellows, 5k green, 500-1000 blues, 300+ purp, prolly less than 20 gold, but maybe not if they're only used for triple), so it doesn't totally nerf skill building.
Neither of these ideas would necessarily need to be it, but some new uses for crystals would be great.

3) New abilities targeted at non-ships heroes. I've mentioned some ideas for these before, but I really think some miner/ electrician/ tradesman skills that would increase how much ore/ energy/ credits are collected in increments of 1/2% per level would be really nice.

4) New achievements (5th,6th, 7th, and 8th planet spring readily to mind, but single-hit and total pillar damage achievements would be cool, maybe something relating to hero spirits, or buildings to lev 40, and 50).

5) an emperor's box with lev. 60-75 purp item. Not much use to me, since it'd be a goods item anyway, but players who buy gold might appreciate a random equip that won't end up being some lv 35 purp that even I would sneer at.

Anyway, those are my ideas at this point. I'd like to hear what other players think and ideas they may have. Apologies for my verbosity.
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