About Crystals and some more.

About Crystals and some more.

Postby Piotrek » Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:21 am

From few months I collect more green crystals than yellows. In trade crystals is only option yellow into green only, without in other way. Cant do now better skills and only white to get them massive. Skills also should be to option to salvage. What if we get 99 of all? Then quest for getting res after combinate skills will be to waste. Even for only yellow gems would be good. Since there is Treasure and some quests (badges) that prize is crystals (not many but always). I still dont have them done cuz I dont need... For me is just a time wasting and ap in that pvp (arena) badges. So if u can, make any update to change something in this game cuz already 50% less players playing that before last update and I dont see that can anything change. Anyway we need in game something new, something with res, any changes... Also you Admin dont answer into any posts so that mean u forgot about this forum. You should watch on it even once for a week and answer sometimes, tell us anything about game, future patches, or answer for anything. Game is going to be borring. Insane raids are too insane and have to spend alot of time on them, treasure cost much res, crystals should be tradeable into other way too... There is also some more planets to get in future and I dont think that some people will get them so fast since there is going to be less strong players to rein and not many wants get heavy power becouse of pillars. Anyway to get even 7 or 8 planers u have to buy lots of com items that not appear often, or make few com heroes that without skills are not so good. Also have a question. Does there anyone is buying that low lvl items? Or they are just to have very rare better/higher lvl items? Thats only from me. And answer me for a question about when we will see new update.
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Re: About Crystals and some more.

Postby Relevant Wing » Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:44 pm

Its the treasure runs that cause that, Having a slider both ways would make more sense, but then they probably wouldnt notice if we all left. lol
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Re: About Crystals and some more.

Postby admin » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:06 am

Hi Piotrek,

Thanks for the suggestion. Crystals can only be traded in one direction right now as lower type is easier to obtain, but we may consider making it bi-directional in the future. The player base issue is something we are also aware. We are looking into different ways to get more players into the game which can be challenging for an aging game. Please feel free to invite more of your friends to play the game if haven't yet.

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Re: About Crystals and some more.

Postby Dark2Elf » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:50 am

Community is quite a good aspect of the gane, so New players should be placed in active galaxies (instead of random selection).
Easy access to arena gear can help mid range players progress more quickly in other areas.
progression is still quite slow in the game, even when you have reinforcements from a stronger player.
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