Gold Hereos

Gold Hereos

Postby snowus » Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:45 am

To Administrator/TW Players

Once you get 20 Gold Crystals and Promote a Gold Hero whats the motivation left to:

1. Buy Credits to get more Gold Crystals /Coupons Credits etc via Treasure Hunt?
A. Answer NONE
2. Seems reasonable to keep players motivated to continue play Treasure Hunts, Insanes, HardG that there not be a Limit on Gold Heros.

3. If you were allowed to have more then 1 Gold Hero it only seems reasonable that it would benefit "This Admin" in the long run.

4. I am sure if this was in place you would see more Gold Spent on Konggrgate to get more Gold Heros as well as possibly in TW as well.

5. You should lift the limit on Gold Heros it will only be beneficial to all that play this game as well as the Admin( Creators of the Game)

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