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Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:34 pm
by Mike_Valle
ava wrote:in real life, if you talked to a manager, and said the word "bull shista" you would get ignored, tossed out or deleted from a preferred client list. And this would occur no matter how many "nice" things you had said in the past.

After a certain point, managers will tire of the entitlement and pushiness and bad choice of words and tone.

I'm not speaking for the devs. I'm sure they have their own reasons for not discussing things with anyone lately. That's their perrogative.

Speaking for myself though, it would be fabulous see less comments that are spiteful and negative. I play this game for enjoyment and would prefer not to see things like "dev's don't care". Doesn't help a thing, looks really quite childish and makes for bad energy in a game that is pretty damn good for a free game. I say, count your blessings and if you have a problem, be professional when criticizing.

Advice many people follow quite well and get great results. Give it a shot!


To be Honest.. The post was suppose to be "Dev's don't care...?" But when i sent the first time the ? mark wasnt on. Sadly i have not found out how to delete my own posts therefore just left it. But as for my message itself, i felt i was pretty nice...

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:43 pm
by ava
if there is a choice between comments like "devs don't care" and silence?

Silence is golden.

just sayin'...


Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:45 pm
by Zhao
Hey you, stop taunting each other, there are not many people here ...
More players might be quit, there are not many people already.
I don't care if Dev is bankrupt, but not so soon :lol:
Dev didn't even care ? ... You can stop supporting this game if you want.
Don't waste your time, You re supposed to enjoy your game :)

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:42 pm
by admin
Mike_Valle wrote:Even though 90% of the time i do raids with groups, i do like to hit solo on days where i have no time to find a team and wait for everyone to "ready up" and so forth...
And even though you think you are "helping" out with some lack of Pillar hits...You are hurting the smaller galaxies who do not have 4-5 players on at any given time and players are forced to do 1-3 people raids.
As one of the many Gold users i think this game has gotten a lot worst since the start...
I'm sure I'm not the only one (and maybe i am--other players please comment) but the game was much better when you Devs/admins were about the game, and not how much we can change the game to suck out every penny we can out of the players.

If you make it a game where it doesn't seem that all you want is people's money$$$ more people kick in some cash. (talked to a few people who refuse to add money to this game for this reason)

Also, the lack of responses to comments also shows the lack of care for your CUSTOMERS.

Thank You,

Sorry for the late response as I was away for the past couple days and wasn't able to monitor the forum. I do understand that you and some others are frustrated by the auction system and the reduced solo run protection (reducing multiple shots from the boss). However, these changes are there to encourage players to be more active and collaborate with each other, and has no intention to make players spend more money.

The auction system is an additional way (on top of the lottery system) for players to earn items, and the bid price will eventually fall down once the top players have exhausted their credits resources. The reduced solo run protection is made to encourage players to form teams to hit the pillars, just like the increased gem fragment drop rates and enabling friends in the gem raid team were added to encourage team formations. However, considering Facebook server is much newer with less players capable of hitting the pillars, we will temporarily rollback the reduction for now. (The solo protection reduction is mostly targeted at the Kongregate server where pillars are falling within minutes out of protection).

On the side note, I do also apologize for the reduced forum administration in the past few weeks. Our development team is bit understaffed for the number of projects we are doing currently, and I am the only person available to monitor the forum when there is time. We are in the process of hiring someone else who will be able to help maintain this forum.

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:06 pm
by Thomas
For the Auction system the Top players are not really going to exhaust their resources, They have that many resources because they are hard core PVP'ers. Now yes after a while they won't be spending 20M on useless items but they will still have alot more then anyone else and have a higher income(Higher buildings, Stronger heros(for pvp)). Not to mention each item that they continuely aquire makes them stronger and in turn makes it easier/cheaper for them to continue to increase their PVP income. The Lottery system gave everyone a chance to obtain an item(Before the Chapter requirement), The Auction system is ONLY for the top end players and the items the top end players don't want won't usually be worth the credits to buy(Lower level blue/purple items). The reason the Auction system is potentialy(Trying to be optimistic like you are PM) not going to work is because unlike other games this system is very limited and is random, The majority of Auction systems are Player based/Player aquired, another reason why is because PVP is basicly the only way to get resources and the strongest are the ones to get the most(Which makes sense) but by powering up the strongest even more makes things unbalanced.

Even when the Higher players have the best gear, They are still gonna bid on the items because they won't want someone to be stronger then them and beat them(Majority of the times)(Just like how everyone tried in Lottery system(Before consulation prize)). And the only way to get these items will be to spend gold to buy them to get more powerful since the already powerful will be biding and winning it. To make things more even for this you'd need multipul ways to aquire pretty much the same amount of resources, I don't know what the expansion is going to bring in. People that want to do Chapter because of liking story lines(It is a great story line tho, And after beating Chapter 9 an interesting conclusion(Don't wanna give secret away lols)) or being able to complete things; are quite weakend, And no this is not a baised comment because I am going PVP now so I am no longer being affect by it. Tho by increaseing how may resources people aquire is once again going to put to many resources back into the player base, So I do also understand the conundrum of it.

Now on to Solo run protection, Yeah this game is a game where you play with many others, But you still should not be hindering/punishing people that want to solo hit(even if Pillars are being taken down in 15Mins, Tho we haven't reached that so I can't make a solid assumption of if it would be good to have it or not). Not everyone that plays these games has friends that play, Or are put into dead galaxies and takes them forever to figure out that they should change and invite friends that way. Not everyone is always online esp since this game is still pretty new and theres probably 10 Galaxies with a 70% or more active player ratio(Yes an assumption of numbers, so don't know how accurate but I think its close), So even being able to get into a Galaxy that is active is sometimes difficult since most are full or have requirements. (And yes I am aware that it has been rolled back so kind of a mute topic at the moment)

An update as your side note stated would also be a nice thing to post to let your costumer base know what is going on, Silence isn't always golden. I'm glad that you are in the process of hiring a Forum Moderator(s), and more questions/Bug/Glitches will be addressed.

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:11 pm
by Zhao
Think that's a kind of challenge, prepare your strategy.
Even high level players are hard to getting 10 Mil credits fast, we re limited to get 96 AP a day.
The key is how you spent it, not all players doing PvP for excessive resources, G9 prefer pillar raids.
Higher power mean that you have less targets.
And people deserves to be stronger using their money (gold).

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:41 pm
by Thomas
Okay so High tierd players take(pure random number, Only pure example) 2 days to get 10M credits, Average takes 4 days then. Good items are kind of hit or miss at the moment, So yes in just that example you could. But also forgeting theres not just 1 person doing this, So Top 10 tier players each getting 10M every 2 days and only 1 is getting to spend his/her credits from the bidded item, The others continue to increase in credits. Also my previous post included a comparison to Chapter Vs PVP as well, And then things deffiantly become much farther apart.

Yes Higher power gives you less targets, But really if you buy the best level 50 purples and have full sets on all heroes that are 50/50 or majority war, You'll still have low enough Power to attack other people. As I assume that Blister, Thanh, Arsen have pretty nice sets of equipment at 50 or close enough or enhanced enough to be as strong as a 50 purple. Also another thing your forgeting is that 1 person isn't just buying the items, There is many Top tier players. So 10 people buying up the items, 10 people will get stronger, You'll have 9 other targets. Not to mention its easy to de-power to attack others, In this case all max equips you just boost the War stat and you'd be good. Or have multipul sets(Which most have) and switch out a high command/high war for a high war/medium command.

I'm a gold user as well so trying to use that as a reason won't quite help, 98% of what I talked about had nothing to do with gold. I only mentioned it in the Auction part of how to aquire an item that the Top players already bidding on(The only way a lower tiered player can get higher is by buying the item), so yes spending gold makes you stronger, Tho that wasn't the discussion. That actually kinda proves more of Mike's statement lol.

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:59 pm
by Zhao
Some of people that you mentioned spent their gold on gem to upgrading their purple items,
so they probably didn't have much purple equips as you though.
High level players need to upgrading their building too, usually not much resources left.
If you think only high level player that bid high, you re wrong, most of them is from middle tier players who slow on upgrading.
If you want the item, you can bid higher like them (no pain no gain).
And yes, many players compete in auction, so it's still considered a competition, not a monopoly.
You want to win the auction, be strong :)

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:25 pm
by Thomas
..Pretty sure I didn't say anything about Top tier players not spending gold for gems...Also not sure how that is included in anything. I also don't have many purple equips lols, I've been unlucky with the Lottery and have only attempted bidding once and was horribly outbided. Everyone needs to upgrade their buildings but I have encountered many pvp players who have an abundant of resources(Hey wasn't the Lotto for an abundant of credits that came about from the Top tierd players aquireing so many credits by ways of pvp??). I also look around on Kongregate as well and they have the same set up with PVP being much better then any other way of aquireing resources by a significant amount. Which this Auction came from Kongregate because they had the problem as well, So yes they are interlinked in this process.

I have 8 Purples max level 40, 1 of them is an actual item, The other 7 are 5 Bubble Swords(Yeah I don't have spirit or demons like others) and 1 Bunny ring(Low leveld one) and 1 Bunny armor(Low leveld one). So without spending any coupons I would only have 1 Purple. Oh and only like 2k Coupons. So with those that have 200k coupons and waiting for the special equips to appear, They'll soon easily have better equips then me(who knows when tho lols). And no that is not a complaint, That is perfectly understandable.

I truely can't bid higher then them, Max I've ever had was 10M, and that was when they changed the badge prizes. Last few weeks I've been pretty even with about 3M credits, But now many of my buildings are geting much closer to 25 I only have 1M credits. And this is from beating all of Chapter.

Its hard to be strong if your medium or lower tier player, Because to get the items to become strong is very difficult to do without having to spend Gold. and not really complaining for my sake cuz I really dont' have that great of luck so no matter how it turns out to be I'd still never be able to afford anything without having to pay gold for it lols. This is just an out look of the general populace.

P.s. Oh and don't give me the line of "Since PVP is so good, Stop complaining and go that route."(Not saying you Zhao, Just anyone in general lols). Well like I said I actually am, but only because I finished the chapter, So these issuses are becomeing unbaised because if something were to change it would not affect me in any way(Unless of course resources were decreased from PVP, But that would still lead to an unbaised opinion because it would not be in my benefit).

P.p.s. No none of this should be taken in a bad context or bad tones, To me it is a discussion and enjoying it.

Re: Dev's don't care...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:10 pm
by Lotak
Not necessarily true that only top end players can get best items from auction.

I'm far from a top ended player (not even close) and I managed to get a lvl 50 War/Com/Tech (in order) item (not head) for less than 35M. It took half my credits (if energy = credits) but it was worth it.