How to pick a galaxy?

How to pick a galaxy?

Postby DGblitz » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:38 pm

I was wondering if anyone can give any tips as to picking out a good galaxy to join. I realize this could fit into questions, but I was hoping aside from suggestions, getting a more in depth discussion going, as to the why, and also to have a place where each one could say a little bit about themselves, in an easy to find thread.
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Re: How to pick a galaxy?

Postby Dovey » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:45 pm

Choose a pillar galaxy. There are very few reasons not to choose a pillar galaxy. Pillars grant coupons, better bonus resources, the members are active, the members are better equipped to help you with storylines, the members are usually more knowledgeable.

Reasons not to join a pillar galaxy.... none will have you.

Seriously, when you can get into one, get into one. If you can't get into one, get into a galaxy getting ready to become a pillar galaxy. If you can get into one of those, make your own or get into one with few people, petition for votes and then kick inactives and start pushing membership to being a pillar galaxy.

As for the differences between the pillar galaxies... there are a few. Some focus on command, and if you want to do story that's good and well. They don't keep their pillars too long, but no one has kept the pillar permanently and there are mechanics to ensure pillars change. As to what pillar is the best, that's more debatable but usually moot, people usually get what they can get because the other bonuses simply being active are more important.

I will say that the newer the pillar galaxy, the more likely they'll be picked on by the older galaxies. Getting into some pillar galaxies is tough, some will take anyone willing to say they'll play daily.

But otherwise, I'm not sure how much discussion can really be generated by this topic.
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Re: How to pick a galaxy?

Postby Zhao » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:28 pm

1. Click ranking button (bottom right)
2. Go to galaxy tab
3. Look for high rank galaxy (same as Dovey, rank 1 - 10 have pillar, except G73)
4. Apply to the galaxy that didn't full (maximum members is 50)
5. Or you can look for galaxy recruitment thread here
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