Com heroes patch

Com heroes patch

Postby Zhao » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:14 am

Admin wrote:To allow players to hire command heroes for "War of Heroes" without increasing their total power in the main game, the potential army strength part of total army score will now skip the re-assign algorithm for both fully assigned highest command and highest war heroes.

How this is supposed to work ?
Example, my total power (122 Mil) and army (101 Mil) difference is 21 Mil.
I can have 202 ships fully assigned on my 5 heroes, but when i used 201 ships, my power went up by 2 Mil (124 Mil), the difference become 23,5 Mil.
My power is back to 122 Mil again when i assigned full ships.
When i put a com gear to a hero for War of Heroes (higher than one of my main com/war heroes), my power is increased too (by 8 Mil after new patch). This is annoying because i used it for card game, and its weaker than my main war heroes.
Equipments changing is not comfortable too because when i am tried to get a com card, thats mean i make my war into com, reassigned ship, playing WoH, reassigned, make my com back to war. I've lost a PvP because of this.
Suggestion : Make a fix deck. Players can choosing card that he currently have and have an option to use that class in deck. It does not changing by gear change. If we re wanna switch, simply by that option to put changing class to the deck.

War of Heroes are currently not comfortable to play because players are hard to get certain classes due to heroes race we have. Please consider this limitation.
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Re: Com heroes patch

Postby Mike_Valle » Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:08 am

Just for the hell of it, i placed ships on my 6th hero that was lower in Command and took the ships off my 5th highest. By doing so i dropped 2 million in army but INCREASED my power by 9 million.
If i was already using my top 5 heros, why would my power increase when i change to a crappier hero?
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