Future Dragon Tear: Kongs and Parrots Beware or Begone

Future Dragon Tear: Kongs and Parrots Beware or Begone

Postby Zycroft » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:01 pm

I understand the Kong/Parrot issue and the Future of Dragon Tear may not be related things necessarily or big enough topics to be separate forum topics, but let's see what happens... Share your thoughts and let's make a great game greater!

Ok so how many of you think kongs and parrots (especially in combo) care a bit... dare I say, "cheap"?

Now before those of you who are now offended raise your tempers in further protest let me then ask Do You Have a Kong or Parrot?

Woopidy do if they are purple or not, talk about super cheap if they are, but ladies and gentlemen, DragonTearians...

I would like to conduct or elect a game/forum veteran (what's left of them) to conduct a forum-wide poll to bring some important news to justice.
If Coolguykev were here he would be proud to have discovered the cheap ultimate awesome team which many would copy. Hey if you can't beat 'em join 'em right?

Well I know this isn't some intelligent design by admins or developers to try to get everyone to buy parrots or kongs or the Lava Strike Combo which is on sale!!!
But seriously.... it kind of takes away from the ultimate ambition of anyone if there is one team combo that is significantly powered to raise the question of over-powered. I see 2 possibilities but please anyone and everyone Suggest a Solution or agree/disagree with one:

1. People should be able to raise many kinds of pets that won't struggle against kongs/parrots (i.e. making them less strong or giving their absurd I mean blessed abilities a smaller percent chance of happening.. or any percent chance really because kongs ignoring defense and parrots completely shifting the course of action [delaying it] during battle is very very very strong.
I have heard Kong's abilities have been already reduced which makes me quiver at the notion of what they used to be, and parrots don't seem to have lost any shine.
I have heard it suggested Parrots' special-delaying powers be given a 50% chance to happen instead of every turn, but perhaps 30% and particularly in consideration of Parrots other great ability to stack stats. Kongs ability to hit and ignore the opponent's defense could be applied to only its special attack instead of every attack, and even then perhaps with just a high percentage of defense ignored instead of all of it. Devastating Blow well obviously if the recipient is defenseless.

2. Parrots and Kongs are not allowed in the arena

3. In arena teams are limited to one of each of those types (i.e. 2 of 5 pets, one parrot and one kong in combo would be max)

Alright there's a few ideas. What do people think? And I see the temptation to lie and seem unbiased but I think it would be valuable and honest to mention when voicing your opinions if you yourself can boast to battling with kongs and/or parrots..

A now for a Life wisdom/dragon tear question....

When you have power, its hard to imagine giving it up to make life more challenging, but then you have to ask yourself, 'Is the satisfaction of having that wealth of power more satisfying than the act of pursuing and winning it?'

::::The Future::::

Putting on another 50 or 100 possible levels on top of an already lengthly achievement of lvl150 is not the way. Nor more worlds or plot-line but maybe, and then maybe more pets and pet-types too... But Reallllllyyy.....
I think Dragon Tear needs a system that renews itself or has a periodic game-wide reset to encourage the population of gamers to vie more often for any of the arena thrones. We all can agree that more diamonds in the game for ranks up to 20 in the area is a good idea, and while that encourages fiercer competition amongst us Dragon Tearian customer gamers that does translate into bigger $$$ for the game developers, I think leveling the entire playing field occasionally is the the true way to greater and in my opinions the greatest profitability. Sure those players who only like their parrots and kongs may not play again after the next reset but then again I think this will offer much more of an experience for those players who have already repeatedly voiced that the game has a "ceiling," an upper threshold where one loses that passion for gaming as they mindlessly farm for the purple dragon Niko and I miraculously chanced upon. :mrgreen:

Can you imagine how to make a great game greater? I can. You can too. Now type.
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