Should/Does the Defender of an Arena Battle gain experience?

Should/Does the Defender of an Arena Battle gain experience?

Postby Zycroft » Thu Nov 21, 2013 5:24 pm

The question is ^^

If the defender has a successful defense (wins) I think they should be rewarded some sort of merit. I understand we must consider the disadvantage to players who might not have a strong defense (top players), and it makes sense in arena battles that an unsuccessful defense attempt shouldn't result in a reduction of that player's arena score.

Perhaps a default amount of experience in scaling proportion to the combined levels of all defendng pets?

And for clarification I mentioned '(top players)' above not to say their defense was weak but to suggest the idea of how stronger top players might win more often and the rich shouldn't get any richer. Stronger players already get the gems.

Also on a side note can admins or anyone confirm that rebirthing a pet with the reborn item allows that pet to acquire over time more cumulative stats than its lvl 150 form prior to rebirth? In other words can we assume pets raised from level one and evolved at lvls 50 and 100 are more powerful (have more stat points) than any wild form that can be caught and raised similarly?

An example: A purple pet caught at level 100 and evolved to a third form and raised to level 150. Are its stats maximized OR is can its stats only be maximized by use of the Reborn item and immediate evolutions until it again reaches level 150?
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