pet advice please

pet advice please

Postby lemming » Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:14 am


I have purple foxy level 111, blue foxy level 150 (both at evo 3)
I have purple kong level 150 (evo 3)
I have blue medusa level 150 (evo 2)
I have blue tyro level 150 (evo 2)

I had blue kong level 150 (evo 2) which i used in arena instead of the purple foxy

(the blue foxy took me 2 weeks continuous attacks on darkfire, and 50 other non-purple foxy drops) but then all of a sudden
a purple Fido dropped level 92.

Now, with my pets full , I dropped the blue kong, (he was 1000 hp and 400 attack less than the purple kong) while the Tyro has a lot of HP and defensive capability to take out the first powerful attack from my opponent

I was planning to get a parrot as my defensive oriented pet but now I am confused

I struggle against dragons (especially water) because lack of serious damage capability, and hence the extra foxy, but now I have a purple flaming roarer (lv 92) who will probably need a reset eventually once I can gain gems in the arena ( I have done so just once, and I am probbaly top 30 not top 20 most weeks)

So If I have Kong + Roarer, 2 foxy and medusa, as my future fighting lineup, with tyro in reserve.

I already have the"Fire Disaster" combo scroll, which means I just have to get a zapbot to be able to activate it, but I am not sure whether I should replace the Kong/Medusa/2nd Foxy with the zapbot ?

So. after the ramble, the question.

a) Do you think the Fire Disaster Combination is worth trying to do (does it add the intellect of all 3 pets into the flame or is it the same as the foxy's flame?)
b) if so, would getting rid of 2nd foxy or medusa be the correct move
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