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Some serious ;) cosmetic improvements

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:15 pm
by P3R0

So i was chatting with my pal the other day when he brought to my attention this ugly creature. I was flabbergasted. I feel discomfort whenever i see it. It is so horribly ugly that its used as a bulimic girl's last resort for vommiting. And it is, nothing less than a dragon.
A pyro dragon.
⬇️ ⬇️

⬆️ just look at this monstrocity! ↖️ if you can survive looking at it for longer than 5 seconds vithout hurling, you have no gag reflex, and should inform your boyfriend about it.

With these thoughts in mind, i will suggest a few new models to replace the old one. I feel like a dragon should be cute and friendly, while kicking your ass mercilessly. And the ugliness of the pyro dragon gave me incentive to create a few of my own dragon ideas. So here it is, freshly made, brand new, never seen before dragons.

Idea 1.:


Isn't this the most lovely dragon you've ever seen? I made this in third grade. My mom said its the best dragon ever, and that she loves me. But, enough with the sentiments, God bless her immortal soul.

Idea 2.:

This cutie, i gotta admit, i found somewhere on the internet. But imagine if dragons were as cute as this guy. If its a male dragon, i'm gay. Am i right?

So i dont want to brag about my photoshop skills, but man am i proud of my creations! So feast your eyes on the latest achievement of the top skilled artist in me.

Idea 3.:


I am so proud! I think this would be an excellent replacement and improvement for the actual pyro dragon, but i might be a little biast.

I've came up with next sketch while making this post. Please dont mind the rough edges and the simplicity, its still in beta phase. If you guys like it, i will add some color, shades, depth and meaning to this work of art in progress. Please dont be too rough while evaluating it, but bear in mind that the constructive criticism is always appreciated.

idea 4.:


So... ...what do you guys think? Let me know.

Feel free to let loose of all the pent up creative energy which acumulated during these past few years playing Dragon Tear by contributing your original drawings in the reply.