Spell and damage reduction %

Spell and damage reduction %

Postby P3R0 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:41 am

Like in many other games, damage your pet deals is based on its attack and intellect (sometimes defence), and the reduction is based on opponents defence and spirit. The interesting thing is how the % of the reduction is reduced over stat increase.
Here is a graph showing
approximate stat / % decay:

Image*Based on approximate numbers

This kind of decay is typical for all games, ensuring a balanced reduction.

You may notice as points score up reduction is not linearly following; this is called inverse exponential growth (decay); this means:

    •adding first 100 points (0-100) gives you ~ +40% reduction, (0-40)
    •getting 300 points after 600 points already skilled (600-900) will give you ~ +5% reduction. (80-85)
    •one can approach 99% with insane amount of defence, which is not available in dragon tear.

*Based on approximate numbers

No matter how much defence you add, reduction can only get closer to 99% but can never reach 100%. Considering the nature of Dragon Tear and the fact that the highest defence gainers combined with the most powerful necklace may have around 900 native + 600 from a necklace, the best reduction possible would be around 90%, which is stunning! Add a food to that, parrot's stat copy, some pet's defence bonus... And things get crazy.

Even the defence's worst natural enemy, Cannon Kong with his special attack would just scratch this pet, because even with 80% defence reduction, 20% is 250 def that results in a serious reduction.


Well this morning i took some time and ran the actual numbers, the folowing is regarding to spirit / damage taken.


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Re: Spell and damage reduction %

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