The Complete Dragon Tear combo guide

The Complete Dragon Tear combo guide

Postby P3R0 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:50 pm



Hello, you lovely Dragon Tear player.
Welcome to the combo guide. Let's get started.
If you're on a mobile you might not be able to experience the full content, unless you turn on "show desktop site".
There is a vocabulary and additional info in the end. Enjoy!

1. Fountain Spring


Quite useless, since most of people build their pets aroud physical attack. I've never seen anyone using it.
Rating: 2/10, passive, defensive+heal
Weakness: wind & electric physical damage, fatal attack.
Strenght: partially usefull against magic pets, Whirlwind ambush, Purgatory E.M.P., Electric current

2. Perfect defense


Perfect defence my butt. One tyro is all you need.
Rating: 2/10, passive, defensive
Weakness: spell fire dmg, Purgatory E.M.P., Inferno lightning
Strenght: this defense stacks and is permanent, if you manage to survive 5 rounds of this combo being casted you should have decent physical reduction.

3. Positron field


The description says shield, the title field. Please decide, playmage. :D
Now imagine Purple Zappie's 1,5-4 k zap replaced to this shield. Bah!
This actually isn't totally useless combo, its good against annoying nfkc's and jake28's fire dragons.

Rating: 3/10, passive, defensive+offensive
Weakness: wind physical damage
Strenght: magical damage, water pets.

4. Angelic blessing


Rating: 3/10, passive, defensive, heal.
Weakness: spell damage.
Strenght: decent heal and stat increase for one round, if casted right timed, this could turn the game around.

5. Superior wave


Also never saw anyone use it. Mainly due to uselesness of the turtle.

Rating 4/10, active+passive, offensive+defensive, Dodge chance based on dolphin's spirit and defense (100% miss)
Weakness: electric spell damage
Strenght: fire pets

6. Taunting tides


I gave it this score because there are two dragons involved, and because purple Mithril dragon has 4k hp. Otherwise, its quite bad combo. Earth dragon just enrages everybody, but Blizzard has some preventive use.

Rating 4/10, active+passive offensive+defensive+heal
Weakness: electric & fire damage
Strenght: tanky mithril dragon, support/tank blizzard dragon, stacks.

7. Tidal shield


Finally a combo with two tanks, that can actually protect you.

Rating 5/10, passive, defensive+offensive, heal
Weakness: electric & wind physical damage
Strenght: spell damage, apsolute tanks,
Your best chance against Purgatory E.M.P., Celestial dragons, Electric current, Dragon rage

8. Lava shield


Finally a decent defensive combo, preventing all physical damage, and even inflicting fire spell damage, not bad. I saw once Grescide use it.

Rating: 6/10, passive, defensive+offensive
Weakness: fire spell damage
Strenght: fatal attack, lava strike. apsolute tanks, lasting up to 10 red rage rounds.

9. Fountain of life


Nice double heal all around. Stacks. Useful in combination with some other deadly combo.
Used by jake28, nfkc, grescide, top players.

Rating: 6/10, active+passive, heal+defensive+offensive, Dodge chance based on dolphin's spirit and defense (100% miss)
Weakness: electric spell attack, fire
Strenght: whole team can dodge everything at 20% chance; except still bugged fire that pierces everything.

10. Life saver


This is a pretty neat 2x heal, but who is supposed to inflict damage when this combo took 3/5 available slots? -_-

Rating: 6/10, active, defensive, heal
Weakness: Fatal attack, electric attacks.
Strenght: super heal, physical dmg, due to tanky participants

11. Smart shield


Lava shield's smart cousin. This is where it gets kinda tricky.

Rating: 6/10, passive, offensive+defensive, heal
Weakness: spell damage
Strenght: physical damage, earth pets, Fatal attack

12. Breathe of reflux


Now here is the highest single heal in the game. I once saw it heal 2k hp.

Rating: 7/10, active, offensive, heal
Weakness: Fatal attack, spell attacks
Strenght: physical attacks

13. Electric current


Quite a decent combo. It deals from 2k up to 5 k dmg in total! Use it with Robot Rockstar for best results.

Rating: 7/10, active, offensive
Weakness: Positron shield, fauntain spring, physical damage
Strenght: water pets, can kill non tankers.

14. Exploding lava


The description is lying,
it will seriously damage BOTH your column and row of attacked pet.
Since it has 20% to trigger its quite nasty, but its participating pets are low hp.

Rating: 7/10, active, offensive.
Weakness: water and fire physical attack
Strenght: earth and wind pets

15. Whirlwind ambush


Quite nasty to be frank. Can easily kill 1 or more pets.
Since it can't be dodged, only way to prevent it is Blizzard dragon's bubble or Tyro's rock wall.
But because it deals both physical and spell damage, it can be countered double as easy.

Rating: 8/10, active, offensive.
Weakness: Positron shield, Fountain spring, Lava shield, Smart shield
Strenght: electric pets

16. Burning wind


Initial combo everybody is familiar with. Decent physical dmg, small fire dmg.

Rating: 8/10, active, offensive, burn 2 rounds.
Weakness: Smart shield, Lava shield.
Strenght: earth and electric pets, high physical damage.

17. Inferno lightning


Bro, if this combo gets casted by fox in mid line, its game over, Its victims explode on death.
Use it with Rockstar zapbot and rule!
Good against Earth dragon stage.

Rating: 9/10, active, offensive, burn 2 rounds, stun
Weakness: Blizard dragon's bubble, Mushroom Drummer's special absorbs it, Positron field, Fountain Spring, high spirt pets, water pets.
Strenght: stun penetrates EVERYTHING, stuns always, earth pets.

18. Elemental storm


We're talking serious business now. This combo can wipe out the whole team in split second. Its most effective right after Robot Rockstar's current. Deals from 2,5 k to 5k+ total.

Rating: 9/10, active, offensive
Weakness: Blizard dragon's bubble, high spirt pets, high attack pets, Fountain spring, Tidal shield.
Strenght: all non tanks are in danger of this combo, wind, earth, electric.

19. Dragon Rage


This is the top of the line combo! Hard to obtain, but very deadly!

Rating: 10/10, active, offensive, stun
Weakness: Blizard dragon's bubble, high spirt pets, Fountain spring, Tidal shield.
Strenght: water pets, electric pets.

20. Fire disaster


You look away for one second, and you're in trouble.
If you see these three pets, sometimes it might be better to just skip the fight.
It ignores spark pony's magic shield, takes out quickly Blizzards bubble (1-2 rounds), good choice in earth dragon stages.

Rating: 10/10, active, offensive, burn, spirit reduction
Weakness: Blizard dragon's bubble, Fountain Spring, Positron Field high spirt pets, heal
Strenght: earth pets and dragons.

21. Lava strike


This is so called K.O. Move. Its usually the end of your pet's life, as it deals from 1 to 2k dmg.
Its pretty unbalanced, but it is counterable with Tyro's shield/combo.
Good in water dragon stage due to parrot's Calming touch.

Rating: 11/10, active, Defence reduction 80%
Weakness: Smart shield, Lava shield.
Strenght: earth and wind pets, all non tanky spell casters, even some tanky.

22. Fatal attack


One of the most unbalanced combos. Only thing keeping it from top is the fact it deals its massive damage to single target only.
And, it can be blocked with Tyro.
Used by top players Nfkc, Guilherme, Rivako, Carlos.
Good in water dragon stage. Good against any NPC Stage. Good against any combo. Hard to counter.
Deals up to 2.2 k dmg on single target. It adds the damage from all of the pets.

Rating: 12/10, active, offensive, Defence reduction 80%
    Defence reduction 80%
    • Physical bonus damage
    • Prevents heal FOR THE REST OF THE BATTLE
    • Uses 3 tanky/high attack pets
Weakness: Smart shield, Lava shield, Fatal attack, Purgatory E.M.P.

23.Purgatory E.M.P.

Used by Nfkc, Jake28, Guilherme

Do you know what purgatory is? Its basically hell, only it has an end, and that end is you dying.
Praying won't help you in this hell, its too late now.
Even if you managed to survive 2 rounds of fire,

The description is lying, first it doubles the third damage, then continuing the fourth, and only without the combo.

For example:
    1. robot - combo (triggers fd!)
    2. fire dragon regular special(or combo)
    2. (!) robot regular special (skips dragon)
    3. fire dragon regular special critical!
Since Robot's current gives it bonus, every next turn will be more powerful. Good luck!
Here is the example of damage progression with 765 intell on ed3 stage:

588 - 750 - (here) - 1050 - 1219 - 1555 - 1983

Insert a 1910 ⬆️ critical in case third time fire dragon casts special there is no combo.

Let me remind you of this little thing:


Luckily for you, this nightmare posion has an antidote.

Rating: 12/10, active, offensive, Spirit reduction
Weakness: Positron field, Fountain spring, Tidal shield, itself.
Strenght: earth pets, earth dragons 1-3, any non tanky/low spirit pet.

Last three combos need to be balanced. They ruin the game for anyone not using them, forcing everyone to use them, making a game repetitive and dull.

Dragons appear in combos only once, while every pet twice.

2-part combo has 20% - 4/20 chance to trigger.
3-part combo has 15% - 3/20 chance to trigger.

You might have noticed by now that the combo reduces your pet's damage. It reduces the damage on single target, or a row/column/all pets, but it increases total damage output, and it gives the ability to your other(s) pet to cast it.
For example, Alieneye will never dodge an attack on its own, and a Dolphin will never heal your team. But combined, Dolphin and Alieneye might give (reduced)dodge% to all pets and a certain reduced heal as well.
It's a delicate balance of evaluating what specials are still worth it in the end.

Single damage pet's specials/combos have high output as the damage doesn't get divided, while full team specials divide and weaken in single damage, but excel in overall output.

Except Purgatory E.M.P. -_- it deals more damage than robot's current + fd's flames separately. Insanity!

1. Zappie 1 target 1,5k-4k damage
2. Fire Lynx 2 targets 600-1.2k dmg
3. Caspy 5 targets 300-800 dmg
High end is purple pets on low spirit pets, low end on high spirt pets.

That's it!

    Passive means the pet should be attacked to activate an effect of a spell.
    Active means it's casted with effect right away.
    Offensive means it's casted/attacked on opponent, or the attack will result in a counter atack.
    Defensive means damage prevention, reduction, heal.

Thank you for playing Dragon Tear. Make sure to buy gems sometimes so the programmers don't starve to death, and maybe update it anytime.
I did this for free, i will gain nothing, but we might all reap the benefits.
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Re: The Complete Dragon Tear combo guide

Postby Guilherme » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:59 pm

Pretty Good Guide my friend!
I would say that purgatory don't need to be balanced, due to the fact that just Few player have purple infernal dragon (XX, Nfkc, infernal, Jake)
My blue can't even hit 700 all, which is nothing against tough opponents
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Re: The Complete Dragon Tear combo guide

Postby P3R0 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:41 pm

Hahaa thats bull$hit, now we both use the combo :O xD
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Re: The Complete Dragon Tear combo guide

Postby Guilherme » Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:16 pm

i do not use the purgatory emp combo xP
But i liked the Purple Fire Dragon a lot
Way better than my blue one
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