The Longest Game Possible Achieved! 35 k heal!

The Longest Game Possible Achieved! 35 k heal!

Postby P3R0 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:10 am

Hi there Dragon Tear players! I'm looking forward to show you exciting news!

Nfkc was curtious enough to set his formation to this epic setup: Mica Guard and Alieneye.


That's an amazing 35 k heal!

We rolled into 33 red rage rounds, and i lost by default, without actually having my pets die.
That's 40 rounds in total! Damage was increased 34x!


Amazing reduction! It started with ~88,5% reduction and ended up with 97,2%!
That's 2,8 attack efficiency!

Since Mica Guard's defense bonus permanently stacks, we forced it to stack 40 times, bro!

Check this amazing video of the action!
Mark my words, I will be last on the scoreboard one day.
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