How to maximize your Arena Points Gain

How to maximize your Arena Points Gain

Postby P3R0 » Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:42 am

Hello Dragon Tear community!

I shall reveal to you the ancient secret of points gain.

First of all,
    point(pts) gain/loss is based on the oponent's points
    compared to yours pts difference.
Star rating, red rage rounds,(rrr) food, nothing else matters.

The gain is limited from:
2 points when you attack bottom line,
4-10 when mid lining,
up to 12 pts when attacking top line.

If you have 1100 points, and you win vs a 1200 points guy, you will get 10 points!

Similarly, if you have 1200 pts and lose vs 1100 pts guy, you will lose 10 pts.

    The top line will set you up vs +5% > your pts oponents
    The mid line will set you up vs < -5% - +5% > your pts oponents
    The bot line will set you up vs -5% > your pts oponents
This is called points bracket.

Nfkc gains 5-4 points in the last week because he is so far away in points from us that it seems as if he is playing bottom line. He gets only lower pts oponents and hence the reduced gain reduction. For example, if he has 1600 pts and gets a 1450 pts guy, he will gain 4 pts. Poor points gain for the top line, huh?
But he never loses, so he will eventually end up first anyway.

    Hidden power level filter!

You may have noticed as the time in week passes by you get stronger oponents.
Because the bracket you're playing (mid line) is now crowded with the guys who won the same amount of points as you, so, ocasionally, you will bump into some nasty setup like Rivako, Nfkc, Guil, Andres, Vladimir, Pero, jake, Carlos etc.

But before that, on point 0, when the gems are handed out, why don't you pull nfkc then?
Because power level filter(pl).

Your pet's stats add up and the total amount makes your power level!

Purple pets have pl 1710, white 850. Necklaces count as well. So you see, points gain based, its worth getting purple pet.
Heavy necklaces included, we might have up to 13 k pl.
Low level players have around 100 - 4k
Mid level players have 4k - 6-k


Hitpoints don't count! They are just the property which compensates for the damage dealing ratio. Purple Zappie has 1200 hp but deals 4k-1.3k dmg, while Purple Mica guard, Sea King, Earth dragon, King Tyro, Dog deal barely any damage at all but all have ~4k hp. Carlos's Zappie killed my ed with an amazing 3,5 k hit!

So, when you start pvp-ing, the points bracket is full of players and you get the closest power level oponents to you as possible, hence the easy points at start.
(I fought my way through the arena to the 4 th place by masking my pl with 2 blue foxes and a purple water dragon! It has several advantages since i gained lower oponents, won way often, and i could set my fox back so it casts fire on the first round! Amazing and cunning!)
But as the time passes by, and bad players lose more often, the points difference grows and i'm left in a advanced league, where i lost more often. Forcing me to go bot line. Reducing my pts gain.

Once you have ran out of similar pl oponents in your points bracket, you will randomly get oponent out of it. So in the last week, you may expect to see high pl player like Carlos even in the mid line, and some random lower level player.

There is also a strategy to reset your mid line before running out of all similar pl players, i mean play 3 guys then reset! Thats how i got to 4.! You will evade the nasty players! I didnt get much sleep that week but ut was worth it lol!

Did you know you can reset your game before pressing start to avoid playing vs some player and hence avoid pts loss?

You're welcome!

New players figured that since the old players play all arena points, they have a chance to win more by saving arena points, and playing right after the reset. This is smart, because you can play top and mid line and maybe even finish a line and win a gem and an ice rock, but it also enables us late players to gain more in top line., because of the constant pts difference.

World is cruel, get purple pets and Join us, Guilherme, Pero, Nfkc, Rivako in top line!

Add me on fb Petar Kaser to chat about DT with ⬆️ guys, we are already doing it.

Here is a special treat: ;)
➡️ ⬅️

But more importantly, Have Fun Playing Dragon Tear!
Mark my words, I will be last on the scoreboard one day.
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