Update 1.3.6 + New Guild Levels + Planned Raid Boss rotation

Update 1.3.6 + New Guild Levels + Planned Raid Boss rotation

Postby admin » Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:11 am

Hi folks! Some quick updates:

1. We added the 5 final levels to guild system (36-40). The fund requirement is extremely high compared to before as we want to make sure that it will take the best guilds several months to get there instead of just couple days. Also, the level 8 guild shop is intentionally set to require guild level 40 and it adds couple 6-star cards into the mix with slight increased odds for existing ones.

2. Originally, we planned to rotate the raid bosses at end of this month. However, it seems most players boss level are still quite low and only tiny handful players have boss level 50 and above. We will postpone the rotation to tentatively February 7th, at which time we may rotation one or both raid bosses out with new one(s).

3. Update version 1.3.6 has been released. Please update to this version ASAP as it contains both the fix that will re-enable autosaves in Guild War and Raid Bosses, as well as fixing a bug that causes crashes when using card with retaliation skills in those battles.
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