New Expansion Released!

New Expansion Released!

Postby admin » Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:33 pm

Version 2.0.2 - New Adventures Expansion

* Added 2 New Bonus Story Chapters!
** Aboard a brand new adventure with your crew to new exotic lands!
** Previous Epilogue is now named "Chapter 6-2"

* New bi-weekly special dungeons: Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
** Added new special rules for to be applied to the new special dungeon!
** To be started on May 1st!

* Added 30 New Beautiful Cards!
** 10 bi-weekly Horseman bosses (5 sets, 7-8 stars, yes they are evolvable this time)
** 10 bi-weekly Satyr Mobs (4-star added to Pal Point Recruit! 5-star added to Gems Recruits)
** 4 new cards exclusive to Miles Reward program (2 sets, 7-8 stars)
** 1 new 7* series extension (evolvable from Fairy Queen)
** 5 new 8* series extension (evolvable from human balanced set)

* Add a new powerful card skill that changes the reel!
** After activating the skill, it applies to the next couple spins automatically.
** The Horsemen have them!

* Added Hall of Fame and Rank History!
** Added Hall of Fame for the weekly Arena! (below Prizes button)
** Added Rank History for Guild Wars! (bottom of the Guild summary screen)

* New Sailor Miles Reward Program!
** 100 "Sailor Miles" will be now given for every Gems Recruit card draw. (1 card draw = 100 miles, 11 card draw = 1100 miles)
** You can redeem Sailor Miles to redeem various bonus reward cards.
** Some of the bonus reward cards are the best cards in the game, including couple exclusives!
** All card draws started accruing miles since ~42 hours ago when we patched the server code at midnight server time 4/21, and will accrue even if the client is not updated to show the balance.
** All players who finished the tutorial are seeded 100 miles. Since it's this is a new bonus program, we are unable to award miles retroactively, sorry.

* Game Improvements!
** Max shown helper from 25 to 50!! (server change only, do not require update)
** Increased max card slots limit cap to 200! (requires client update)
** Added card list paging feature! (for list > 50 cards)
** Coins purchase reward amount now scales up as you reach a higher level!
** Gems/Coins shop now shows amount of bonus already included in each package so make choices easier!
** Added new sticky guild announcement - leader and vice leader can sticky any one guild wall post to the top!
** Battle summary now displays the actual experience amount earned!
** Various minor bug fixes!

The update has now been released on Google Play, iTunes, and the Amazon App Stores. Please update your app to the newest version (2.0.2) as soon as possible to enjoy all the benefits!
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