Version 3.0 Released!

Version 3.0 Released!

Postby admin » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:49 am

New Contents:
* Added Skilled Boss Dungeons ("Advanced Maps" in game, available After Chapter 3)
* Added Dual Element Cards
* Added New Card Skills
* Added New Card Draw Options
* Added 43 New Cards

Guild Improvements:
* Enabled viewing of of Guild War boss cards.
* Added kick timer where kicked players cannot rejoin after 24 hours. (server change)
* Enabled automatic transfer of guild leadership after 30 days of inactivity. (server change)

Notification Improvements
* Added Optional Mail Notification
* Added Optional Guild War Timer Notification
* Added Optional Guild Shop Timer Notification
* Added Notification Menu Setting

Other Improvements:
* Improved Material List Sorting
* Improved Card Sorting
* Improved Post Tutorial Hints
* Increased Max Cards limit to 300 (server change)
* Added Post Draw Information For 6-Star Guarantee
* Increased Jewel Dragon Experience Reward (server change)
* Bug Fixes
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