Recent Changes!

Recent Changes!

Postby admin » Mon May 11, 2015 8:14 am

Ahoy Mateys,

Great News! - Following improvements have been made to the game.

1. Mobile Server Ferret Guild War Boss - Passive Skill have changed from 2.5X HP and Attack of all natural cards to all water cards, because mass majority of players don't have any attack based natural cards.
2. Mobile Server Arena Prize / Range - Prize for Tier 3 has been improved and will take affect immediately (applying the current week ending in 13 hours). The tier range will be changed to 1-70, 71-140, and 140+ effective for the next season starting in about 13 hours.
3. Strengthening Skills (both servers) - The odds for successful skill strengthen has been improved so that using 6 cards with the same skill will be 100% success rate going forward. (1=15%, 2=32%, 3=49%, 4=69%, 5=82%, 6=100%)
4. Max Card Slots (both servers) - The cap for maximum card slot has increased from 300 to 350, effective immediately.

Remember to take advantage of the Mother's Day sale before it ends and stayed tuned for the planned features/improvements in the upcoming expansion!
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