Guild shop potions to be changed in 7 days [implemented]

Guild shop potions to be changed in 7 days [implemented]

Postby admin » Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:02 am

Dear all Dragon Era players,

After noticing that the recent potion sale having little effect, we checked our server data and found that most of our players have no need to purchase potions. Of the top 500 players in the game, average potion stockpile is about 650!!! - That's not counting the coins and guild points saved that can purchase even more.

This correct reflects that the Gem purchases have declined drastically over the past year, as large stockpiles means that new bi-weekly bosses, new raid bosses, and guild war bosses would no longer increase Gem purchases as before... This is actually very bad news for the game - as the financial downfall means lower prioritization and eventually no more new content made. To prevent this happening to everyone's favorite game, we are proposing making one of the following changes next week (7 days later):

Option A. Double the guild point price of the potions.
Option B. Lowering the guild point reward for coin donation by 50% (to 1 point per 200 coins).
Option C. Make potions in shop buy-once items, but quadruple (4X) the appearance rate so they appear much more often.

Note: We are giving all players 7 days (from now) before we implement one of the changes above, so those who saved up coins and guild points have a fair chance to convert them to potions before any changes takes effect. You can vote for what you feel is the most acceptable change in this poll: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=16514

Best Regards,
Admin / Playmage Support

UPDATE: Option A has been implemented as of July 19th.
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