3 New Advanced Map Chapters AND 61 Improved Cards

3 New Advanced Map Chapters AND 61 Improved Cards

Postby admin » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:36 pm

Dear Dragon Era Fans,

Great News, we have added 3 NEW Advanced Map Chapters, with the last stage bonus card being a 8-star Hathor, Goddess of the Sky!

Following 61 older (non-combo skill) cards have command point costs reduced by 5!
Cyclops King
Lilith of the Night
Judge of Dead Osiris
Gabriel the Seraph
Demon Overlord
Original Horseman Series (10 cards)
Andromeda/Legendary Andromeda (mileage)
Pandora/Pandora, The Gifts of Evil (mileage)
Hermes/Devine Messenger Hermes (mileage)
Aphrodite/Goddess of Love Aphrodite (mileage)
Hera/Hera, Queen ofGods (mileage)
Fairy Queen the Eternal
Dragon Queen/King Series (10 cards)
Wonderland Series (Dorothy/Snow Queen/Karen/Gretl/Wicked Witch) (10 cards)
All Dual element Dragons (5 cards)
Baphomet/Baphomet the Demon Lord
Lernean Hydra/Underword Guardian Hydra
Manticore/Predator Manticore
Chimera/Immortal Chimera
Apep/God of Chaos Apep

Did I mention dual element dragons in that list? Yep, they were cps were reduced by 5 as well!

Have fun & Enjoy the game!
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