seeking new members

seeking new members

Postby Arakasi » Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:23 pm

Greetings fellow adventurers.

My guild is seeking to fill a few more slots in our ranks. We have a great core of players but with how much it takes to level the guild up we either need more players or to accept that we just won't level much:P A merger with another like sized guild would be entertained. Just getting some fresh members would be outstanding as well.

Guild name - Misfits
Guild level - 36
Guild lab - 20
Guild shop - 7

We currently have three that can run 50k during guild wars so plenty of room there. We ranked 51st last guild war. Feel free to stop by or message me in game if interested

game id - g70bna

Thanks for perusing, have a great day!
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Re: seeking new members

Postby Armand Star » Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:58 pm

hi (yeah i'm the same Armand from your friend list :P )

i'm in Tropical Surfers and we are interested in a possible merge (maybe you come to our guild since we're one level higher)
guild level is one level higher. lab and shop are the same level as yours

all the bosses ask is to be active and try to help the lower members. donations are voluntary.

personally, i will also ask is 2 things because i was in a guild that had these problems before:
1) let's try to plan ahead if we ever have more than 15 players that can earn the boss card, and make sure no one gets left out
2) if someone has a problem with something, let's say with star member status (since not everyone can have it) we'll figure something out. all i ask is to deal with all problems calmly.

Tropical Surfers
technically we have 10 members but a couple of them haven't been online in a month. so yeah we have plenty of space :) and plenty of stars to hand out (later they will be for the players who put more effort, but for now there's plenty to share)

i'd love to have you with us, consider joining us (we're Tropical Surfers but surfing is not required :P)
Armand Star
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Re: seeking new members

Postby Arakasi » Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:32 am

I am a bit late but wanted to thank everyone for the interest and quick responses. We have found a guild to merge with and already started the process. We may be a relatively small community but we are a good one. See you mates in game!
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