Use of the Dragon Era Discussion forum

Use of the Dragon Era Discussion forum

Postby admin » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:27 am

This is a membership-based private forum for discussing the gameplay of Dragon Era - it is not a public nor open forum and all posts will be subjected to moderation. Please adhere to the following rules of the game discussion forum.

1. Do not submit posts or create new threads unrelated to the gameplay.
2. Do not include opinions, feedbacks, and comments not related to the gameplay in your posts.
3. Do not create new threads when there are already one with similar topic.
4. Do not respond to locked (eg. closed) topic by opening another one, private message me instead.
5. Do not spam or incite riot or flame war or you will be muted, this goes for in-game and the forum.
6. If you suspect something is wrong or not working in the game (eg. bug), please use the support forum or email instead.

Any posts not adhering to the above rules may be moderated or deleted without notice. Severe and repeated offenses will result in suspension or banning of your forum account.
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