Question for trusty knight

Re: Question for trusty knight

Postby ggggt » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:38 pm

I hear you there. I tried a skill on shepherd with 5. Whats worse is i didnt realize i had a 6th...
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Re: Question for trusty knight

Postby Browncoat » Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:33 pm

Ok, so here's my sum total of 4 weeks working on this map (Hell Level).

1 8* Bevedere
1 7* Bevedere
2 skill ups on Sif

117 Revives
??? E Potions

My team was: 2x Hayyel Leaders, Blue 4* imp, 7* Anauel, 8* Kirin, 7* Ultimate Night Dragon

With the exception of a couple of revives spent figuring out the best team, and 2 revives used on Preemptive Strike (several free spins killed the previous mob and finished the board without me having a chance to heal and get ready, and one Odin trap where I was under the impression that he nullified, but this was misrepresented and did not go into effect until after the preemptive strike), ALL revives were used before my first skill popped. So the team was good, it was just tuned such that with a ~60k hp team, it was impossible to survive long enough to get a healer up.

I have to say, this is absolutely ridiculous. Two be killed twice, every map, with a 60k hp team, before any of the skills popped, is absurd. My hayyels and imp were max skilled.

So, as a result, I have a Sif with a skill of 3/9, and a CD of 21 rounds. The way this game is tooled, this card - despite all my work - is utterly useless. You CANNOT have a healer that takes 21 turns to pop in this game. Even with a CD of 11, I died twice typically before either of them became active. So, after all that - I will never use my Sif. I might find a use for Bevidere, but I didn't get any skill ups on him, so maybe not. We'll see.

Fun game.
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Re: Question for trusty knight

Postby ggggt » Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:47 pm

I just maxed sif today. Difficult was definitely the way to go for this one, unfortunately i didnt learn that until it was too late lol. I used a revive every single time by rd 6 and sometimes if unlucky i had to use a second before my full skill paladin could do anything. I burned well over 100 revives. I think i might stick to difficult from now on lol
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