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Postby RavenoftheBlack » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:57 pm

NaTaCha wrote:Ravenoftheblack, would you consider joining another guild if you are the only active? Fallen Angels still has spots open :) we are a friendly guild with no requirement except be nice n have fun. Top 20 each war, guild lvl 37 guild lab lvl 20 shop lvl 7.
This is also open to anyone else who may be interested :) happy gaming

Thanks for the offer, but no. When I first started in a guild, our guild leader left, leaving us no way to upgrade our guild or get anything out of our investment in it. I never wanted that to happen again, so I started my own guild. I've put 1,255,090,000 gold into it, apparently, and that's too much investment in time and gold to just walk away from.

Besides which, I honestly do not know how much longer I'll be playing the game. I feel all I do is complain about it, which tells me that I'm not playing it because I enjoy it, but rather out of habit. Before the potion price increase, I had built up a massive reserve of Energy Potions, Revives, and Gold, and I'm starting to see them dwindle. Once they're gone, I suspect I will be, too. It will be a while yet, as I still have over 100 million gold, but I just don't see this game getting "fun" for me again.

And hey, even though I'm the only one in my guild, at least I'm always the top of my guild war. :roll:
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