Guild boss brutal strikes within 10-15 spins

Re: Guild boss brutal strikes within 10-15 spins

Postby RavenoftheBlack » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:42 pm

Gerry wrote:
Browncoat wrote:there's hits that get harder over time, including double hits. There is ALSO random seals and brutal hits. The brutal hits are a set value. None of this has to do with what team you have.

Sorry but this statement is not true. The brutal attacks that hit me after I hit the guild boss with Zeus, ie...after 30 spins, are for 10,000 and 24,000. The only time I have ever been hit for 40,000 and 40,000 is when I use a team with over 70,000 HP and it happens before 30 spins and before I have removed 30% of the bosses HP and it is not random, it happens every time I play a team with that many HP unless I get a lot of free spins.

When you say you get hit with a 10,000 and 24,000, did it actually say the words "brutal attack," or is it just the normal, split attacks that GW bosses always do after they reach a certain point? Every time I've had an actual brutal attack, which is usually every time I fight one, even before they up'ed the damage brutal attacks did, the brutal attacks were always for the same amount of damage on both hits, whereas the "forked attacks" as I call them increase from the first hit to the second.

The team I've been using for these two Green bosses is a fully leveled 8* Loki as lead, an 8* Echidna (not leveled, because they never frickin show up for me. Seriously, I have three Lycans of the Moon, but only recently managed to get a second Naga...), 8* Time Controller, 8* King of Hell Beliel, 7* Jason, and using 8* Goddess of Greed as my helper. With this team, what usually happens is Aries (and Atalanta before her) would seal one or both of my leaders, dropping me from 86,000 or so HP to something like 36,000 (if one leader is sealed) or something like 13,000 (if both are). If I'm lucky, I hit either a free spin or a heal, and Loki warms up literally JUST in time to save me with his healing. Then Aries brutals, 40,000 a piece, and drops me down to near-death. Fortunately, then my Echidna threatens, which is JUST enough time for my helper Goddess of Greed to trigger, getting me back above 80,000. Sometimes this is easier, like when Aries only seals one of my leaders instead of both. She almost never misses both of them. It's only happened a handful of times this entire week. And if she hits both and I don't get free spins or healing, the run is killed before she can even brutal.

I say once again: it is completely ridiculous that these guild war bosses can do between 50,000 and 70,000 damage in HER FIRST ATTACK when she seals one or both leaders. The damage increases virtually exponentially anyway. Isn't that and the brutals enough? Seals should not remove the passive effects of Leaders. It's bad enough on a boss like this with a 2-turn countdown. It's utterly murderous on zero-turn countdown bosses, which I feel you shouldn't have anyway.
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Re: Guild boss brutal strikes within 10-15 spins

Postby Hypernova » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:38 am

actually, a null elemental damage card is quite useful here when playmage introduced brutal hits. i suggest you keep one on your team during guild wars.

i've basically a fire-based team so earth bosses are easy. I'm using a 8* belial and a friend's 8* goddess of greed as leaders, 7* echidna. 8* flaming hecate, 7* aeacus, 5* blue imp. this setup has around 78k hp.

i start with 5-line rolls to minimise damage so the boss is unlikely to hit me with brutals as i probably wont get pass the letter D(CD:2) on the boss bar. the only time i change to 21-lines is when i need to heal so as to get to me turn 15 in one piece. the only times i need to use a revive potion is when both my leaders are sealed or when luck fails me to heal myself from taking fatal damage before turn 15.

at turn 15 it becomes a routine. activate echidna to increase cd by 3, so the next turn the boss attacks would be turn 21 due to its own cd of 2. at turn 20 my aeacus and goodess of greed will be primed. at turn 21 activate both of them with goddess of greed dealing approx 1.2m damage which would activate the boss' brutals but will be nulled by my aeacus. take a double hit at turn 24 (it won't hit past 70k) and by turn 25 i can activate my blue imp for a 5 turn delay in cd. then i just get to turn 30, activate belial for 1.5x fire damage and then unleash flaming hecate for over 6m damage.
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