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Postby wolfchen007 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:05 am

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wolfchen007 wrote:It appears players asking for the game to be more fun and enjoyable doesn't seem to register with playmage.

More fun for you doesn't mean more fun for everyone, or what you think is "fun" doesn't end up being fun in the long run. More star members for the top guilds means more consolidation of top players into fewer top guilds, and with less competition at the top, smaller/newer guild having no chance to form to challenge at all. Then soon you will have the same situation as the FB server, where the players in other guilds and newer players basically gives and and stop playing. Sounds fun?

I can go on with more examples. There are several complaints (mostly from couple players) about drop rate in bonus map being too low, so why haven't we tripled or 4x rates so it's more fun? Without the extra farming required to get the new boss and gw boss skill cards, the new bonus map would be enough to keep players occupied for a few days, not weeks. When player get what they need form them sooner, you will see much higher churn rate that people quitting because drop rates are low.

Examples like these is why the game can't be just be made with more (instant gratification) "fun", because they will all actually ruin the game in the long run. This is why they "not registering" with the developer.

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Playmage, you do make some valid points but I think what you consider fun is not what I consider fun. Doing the same repetitive thing over and over and over and over for very little reward is not what I call fun. Some players might be ok with this but I call this boredom. I have lost player friends for this reason, they left because they got bored. Please continue to review player suggestions as they are the ones that keep this game alive. Thanks.
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