Almost impossible to skill level new raid boss

Almost impossible to skill level new raid boss

Postby mefa » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:05 pm

First of all, thank you for making the alive during these hard times...

Now, 108 raid boss will be needed to fully skill the 8*, that's make it many people including me to consider leaving the game.

The same happened for previous set and made it very boring and useless.

You fixed it a couple of times after players requests. Please do it this time too.

PS:several years ago, I posted how difficult will be to max skill the normal dragons in this game and it will take forever and you didn't agree. Now, after me being 5-years in the game and using all the opportunity, I still have non of them fully skilled and the cards are already obsolete due to poor stat/skills
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Re: Almost impossible to skill level new raid boss

Postby iuwan » Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:24 am

I don't think they have any intentions of fixing that. I have played Dragon Era years ago but left because of this. I come back a few months ago hoping things have improved for the better, but apart from having better cards, nothing seem to have changed. If it wasn't for the money I've spent on this game, I'd have already dropped out.

I do have an idea that could help solving this. Create a new set of cards, like what the EXP dragons are, just these would skill up cards without leveling them. The element (fire, water etc), the race (human, god, etc) and type (HP, balance etc) should match. and 5-6 would be needed to level up 1 skill point. (Otherwise the skill level % would stay 0%).

Raid bosses above level 40 or 45 would drop only these cards and you could use them to level up:
- raid bosses
- high rarity cards (7* or above, most of which could only be leveled up using their own cards)

Thus you could avoid getting two greenleaf fish for killing a lvl 60 or above raid boss - which takes time, skill and revives. (It's a ridicolous reward, yet I got it at least 3 times that I remember for killing a lvl 70 raid boss.)

How should it work?
Say, you want to skill up Lernaean Hydra (7*). It's a Demon(HP) water card. Hence, you need 5-6 water-Demon(HP) card of this new set to skill it up by one level. It can be skilled up 16 times, which means you need, in worse case scenario 16*6=96 of this new card. This means killing 48 raid boss, or at least getting 2 cards when an RB gets killed.

There would be lots of variations for this card set, like there would be water-Human(Balance) or water-Human(HP) and it would give a reason for players to bother with Raid Bosses again. (The new set looks completely useless, based on what I found here:,_temp_bonus_map_cards,not_evolvable) )
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