Price for Gems

Price for Gems

Postby ChampsterBS » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:05 pm

Hi there, I am ChampsterBS

I have been playing Dragon Era since August 2014 and I really enjoyed the game, and on the odd occasion I even purchased some gems. But recently the prices for gems have sky rocketed and this makes it almost impossible for us to have "fun" as in order to get better cards you need to be willing to pay some money.

I understand there are many people that can afford this but coming from me, I live in South Africa , a 3rd world country and as much as I enjoy playing Dragon Era, I think spending $100 / R 1,436.34 on daily living and other needs would be worth more than spending it on Dragon Era. And if we use the South African store we end up paying R2000.

Dont get me wrong, I wont mind spending money on this game, I really do enjoy it, but please understand that alot of people cant afford these prices especially in 3rd world developing countries. I am obsessed with PC's and Technology and I understand that running servers and having a FTP game is costly, But surely bringing the prices down to where they were will not cost anything, as it is still virtual currency so you dont make a lose either way.

Just one more thing I would like to say, If you bring the prices down to a lower price than what they were before I believe that more people would buy gems, they would buy it more often as they get more value out of it. Buying gems will never cease as new cards are always released and you are not guaranteed a specific card by buying 11x cards etc, As it is virtual currency I see that if you had to reduce prices you could easily make more money in the long run and have a lot of players buying gems even more.

Thanks for taking you time to read this long post :)
I hope you would take my question into consideration and respond. I wouldnt mind a response here or a DM.

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Re: Price for Gems

Postby pmsupport » Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:08 pm

Hi ChampsterBS, thanks for your feedback. I will forward it to the team.
Enjoy the game!
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