just start on facebook server a week ago, got some questions

just start on facebook server a week ago, got some questions

Postby gravebella » Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:16 pm

1. there's any way to reset the data on facebook? since, i got a not-so-good starter 6 star tut card
2. where i can find the list of all card by skill (for skill level up and evolve) and where (which stage) to get them, or i have to do it manually by looking at the wiki and take a note?
3. how to calculate the guild point from guild war? it didn't even start on facebook server so i don't know how it will look like, but is it the sort of "the more damage you dealt, the more point received" ?
4. i just got the raid boss card yesterday (the charybdis) can i get the second copy of her? or i can only get it once per boss?
5. which stage in trilling friday i can get the rainbow pirate map? (i need it for evolve the boss if i can get the second copy)
6. what's the max level of guild shop? also, what's the guild level required for that?

any help would be appreciated, thank you :3
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Re: just start on facebook server a week ago, got some quest

Postby bindur » Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:10 pm

1. If level 40 or under, click the Menu icon -> Account -> Delete Account (source: Menu/Help/Useful Info/Delete Account)
2. Best bet would be the wiki or ask around for what you specifically can't locate
3. If it's like mobile, more damage to boss = more guild points. Not sure if pm has released the calculation
4. Can get it more than once - small chance for boss card at raid level 20, goes up slightly afterwards
5. The 50 energy one...whatever it's called - difficult maybe - the one on top
6. Guild shop max level is 8 with guild level requirement 40 on mobile. Would assume fb is the same.
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