[Suggestion] Trading System

[Suggestion] Trading System

Postby captaincave » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:26 am

I knew the same title has been post here viewtopic.php?f=36&t=13399
and got admin rejected with reason.

Still, I want to suggest a trading system in more detail, hopefully the admin and developer will consider again.

The main idea is to add an expensive cost for a seller to begin a trade transaction.

Here the suggested flow of trading:

1. a seller set a card to the auction house, with a system processing cost of 20 + 10 * card-rank gems, and a initial trading price in gems;
2. the processing cost will never refundable once the card is confirmed set on auction house; (eg. a 8* card of 100 gem)
3. the initial trading price has to be higher than the processing cost for the seller gaining benefit; (eg. 200gem)
4. The auction can be a timed biding between buyers, or a direct sale for a buyer agree with the price, (this is not the main point of this suggestion) ;
5. if the auction expired for a certain time, the seller can collect the card back. <end>

5.5 the seller has to set a reasonable price, or no one buy and he lost his cost for nothing.

6. suppose the card is sold to a buyer with 200 gems, then the system (developer) gain 100gems, seller gain 100 gems profit, buyer use 200gems to obtain his target card.

7. if 20 + 10 * card-rank is too much, 10 + 5 * card-rank or may be a fixed cost as low as 30gem should still work.

The expensive processing cost in gems should prevent abuse and exploit, and the card trading is a good incentive to push the gem economy.

Thank you~
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