Targeting enemies mechanics suggestion

Targeting enemies mechanics suggestion

Postby Jorge » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:33 am

As far as I know, when you attack, if no target is selected, the game will target the enemy with the lower remaining HP. In addition I believe it will also target the enemy the attack is very effective to (if any), and I'm not sure but I think this even takes priority over what the remaining HP is.

Anyway, whatever the thing is, I often find myself in a stage against 3 enemies, the first with lots of defense and really low HP, and the other two with lower defense and more HP. So I target one of these two, spin the reels, and get two attacks out of that spin. The first attack kills the enemy I targeted, and the second attack goes to the enemy with gazillion defense because the game favored it due to having less HP, but the attack ins't strong enough to break its defense, so I do 0 damage.

I don't really believe the developers actually did this with the purpose of adding more difficulty, I believe it just turned out that way. I can suggest two small improvements, in my eyes, regarding this. Assuming no target has been selected by the player:

- Unless all enemies left would take 0 damage from an attack, target an enemy that won't take 0 damage. If there are two or more enemies that would take more than 0 damage, apply the already existing mechanics to choose from them (whoever has less HP, to whoever the attack is more effective too, etc).

- A more complex solution, but would potentially get rid of the bias towards targeting the enemy with least HP and/or the enemy the attack is more effective too, which, despite being good criterions, don't always translate to the best option.
This would consist on, for all the enemies, calculate the damage they would take from the attack, and weigh it to their current health. Whoever would take a higher percentage damage, takes the attack. This gets rid of the problem of targeting enemies that would take 0 damage as well. Unfortunatelly, I believe this option could lead to more processing being required and contribute to potentially more lag, so I'm aware it's probably not a very good idea.
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Re: Targeting enemies mechanics suggestion

Postby pmsupport » Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:12 pm

Hi Jorge, thank you for the suggestions. I will make sure the team receives them.
Enjoy the game!
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