guild coupons (suggestion)

guild coupons (suggestion)

Postby Gizmet » Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:05 am

so while looking at the "update suggestions" thread for the mobile server, specifically this one viewtopic.php?f=36&t=13852 I noticed under the "possibly useful suggestions" heading there was idea of chests that drop bonus coins in solomon's mines. I was thinking of a modification of this idea that I think would be fairly interesting, and maybe popular, so here goes:
Instead of chests that drop bonus coins, chests that drop "guild coupons" which can be used to add a very large number of coins to the building fund of your guild, but for no (or for minimal) guild points. The way I envision this would be as follows:
max of one chest per run and no boss chest
only available on difficult or higher solomon's mines.
on difficult- brown chest gives 10k coupon, gold gives 50k coupon; insane- brown gives 25k coupon, gold gives 200k; hell- brown gives 100k coupon, gold gives 500k (or maybe even 1 million)
also, guild coupons could be available as gem purchase (using 1 or 2 gems for smaller amounts like 10k would be a great way to round out gem totals for players who have 2-3 extra gems from gw rewards).

Anyway, I think this would be a good way for players who already have a ridiculous amount of guild-points and ep/ revives to get more use out of mines (by doing hell for the coupons which would help guild a lot more instead of difficult or insane for coins that they no longer really need a lot of). Also it could help lower level players earn stars in guilds where stars are awarded based on donations (and in most guilds, at least some stars are awarded that way) even though they don't have a lot of ep for running mines.
Well that's my idea. Just thought I'd post and see what kind of feedback (likes, dislikes, tweaks, etc.) players might have and if PM would be receptive to this idea.
And on a semi-related note, I think chests that gave bonus xp on raid bosses/ gw bosses might also be kinda' cool.
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Re: guild coupons (suggestion)

Postby pmsupport » Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:52 pm

Hi Gizmet, thank you for your suggestion. Adding chest drops in Happy Weekend is not a small change and will require a lot of work though. If such chests are added, we will have to increase the exp amount to upgrade the guild buildings.
Enjoy the game!
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