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Re: Hell Apocalypse

PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 10:45 am
by Lee
Titus, hope I can help put a couple of things in perspective for you.
I play the mobile version and am pretty experienced, but from what PM have said FB is designed the same.
I wont go on about chest drops as PM have explained that quite well

Gold chests as PM advised have a low% and can vary in drop rates. I've run levels 20 times before getting the 4th card yet other times ive got it in 3 runs.
One player in our guild even had 6 gold chests once from one run.
You do have to be patient.
Each to their own, but I would suggest spending $50 on a wonderland map is not an effective outlay.
You would be better farming insane to get the horseman and spend the gems on card recruits

Hell can be farmed with minimal revives, when you have the right deck and it is all about the cards you have.
I think FB users may? be at a slight disadvantage here as I think limited dungeons (horsemen) have come around quicker than they did on mobile, which means that mobile users built up a decent deck of cards before doing these maps.

There are players on mobile that farm hell to get the 8* version and get enough gold chests to fully skill said card without spending massive amounts of money.

Just pointing out that it is an can be done, but perhaps your deck is not strong enough yet or your not using the right cards.