Upcoming Arena Battle Change

Upcoming Arena Battle Change

Postby admin » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:37 am

Hi All,

It has come to attention that there may an exploit in the arena battles by intentionally closing and reopening the app at certain times. To prevent players from using this exploit, we will be limiting the number of app restarts during arena to 5 per day for each player (in consideration for actual game crashes during the arena battles). If you restart the app more than 5 times, you will NOT be able to continue the previous battle and the previous fight is automatically forfeited.

This change will go into effect in the next 24 hours. Please be advised that anyone who contact us about loss of chance due to more than 5 restarts (claiming they crashed more than 5 times), we not only investigate your play logs for the day to verify the restarts are all real crashes, we will also retroactively check days prior to this limit to see if you have previously exploited.

Best Regards,
Playmage Support

UPDATE: This change is now live and effective.
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