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Arena closing Jan 20th (or earlier), VIP level display bug

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:58 pm
by admin
Hi All,

Despite our efforts to prevent players helping each other in the arena, we are still receiving complaints about each other doing so in the arena. In retrospect, this feature was originally designed to work for at least couple hundred players to be actively playing the arena each week so players can't really easily find their friends on the match list. We will make a final attempt soon to tweak the parameters to disallow intentional weak teams in the arena, but if complaints continue, we will be closing the arena in 2 months, on January 20th, 2020 (or earlier), and will remain closed until the game has enough active players to support the arena feature again.

Second issue we want to point out, which we already answered to some players via emails previously, is that the displayed progress bar for VIP level 12+ is incorrect. The game was originally designed to only have 12 VIP levels which is reached at 40,000 gems purchased. However, we added VIP 13-15 the in-game client was not updated to show the top progress bar correctly. This causes players at VIP12 or higher to see a negative amount of gems to the next level, even though they have not reached yet. We may fix this minor display bug in the future if we release another client update for more major issues. For actual gems required for a specific VIP level, please see the message on the bottom of the VIP info dialog (80k for VIP13, 120k for VIP14, 200k for VIP15).

Best Regards,
Playmage Support

Re: Arena closing Jan 20th or earlier, VIP level display b

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:43 pm
by admin
In the past week, we received more complaints about collaboration, including intentionally placing weak teams to avoid being attacked, and tie-ing for 1st place to share the top rewards. In retrospect, we have decided to change and simply the arena prize tier as following (effective immediately) to discourage collaboration:
Rank 1-5: 100 Gems, 20K coins
Rank 6-10: 20 Gems, 12K coins
Rank 10-20: 10 Gems, 8K coins
Rank 20+: 5 Gems, 5k coins

We want to give everyone more time to enjoy the Arena, but if there are still issues with the above prize tier change, we may close down the Arena much sooner than previously planned.

Best Regards,
Playmage Support

Re: Arena closing Jan 20th (or earlier), VIP level display b

PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:33 pm
by admin
We received several Arena related complaints since the previous post. As mentioned before, the Arena will be closed at end of today until the game have enough active players to properly support the feature.

For players really enjoyed the Arena and would like to challenge other players, we recommend trying our newer mobile game, "Final Chronicle", which has an enjoyable rank swapping Arena system that has little benefits for collaboration.

Best Regards,
Playmage Support

UPDATE: Arena feature is now closed. For now, we have reduced daily mission point requirement for the 3rd and 4th box, and increased the Gem reward for the 4th box.