Arena points suggestion

Arena points suggestion

Postby frontalis » Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:43 am

Hello Playmage supports,
I'm Frontalis in game.

I'd like to suggest about Arena points system since there's quite too much extra bonus of top places' playing. For example, the 1st rank player gets 119 points for defeating the 2nd rank while 2nd gets 116 pts for defeating 1st. So the gap would be at least 60 points or even much more per day for the 1st rank compared to lower rank players, which is really unfair.

This let some players taking advantage of fighting weak players to win the 1st place at early period (1st hour) of the day, while other players may not be convenient to play during that time and absolutely have no chance to reach the 1st place for all of the week.

So I think arena system should give equal opportunity for every player to get the same set of points no matter which time they play during the day. Same rank opponent is supposed to give the same point. That means, for example, any players who defeat the 1st rank should get 119 points, and who defeat 2nd should get 118 pts (except 1st vs 2nd should be 119), and so on.
This system lets real strong players to win the top places which they deserve, imo.

Still there maybe some advantage of fighting weak players for good score on the first day. So the overall score of the first day should be fairly less than of the other days, like only 80 points for defeating the 1st rank opponent. So within a few days after, real strong players can catch their right places. The 1st day should be like a prelim day.

I'm not sure if it's possible to change much of system lately but hope devs would please take this in account for supporting all players.

Best Regards,
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Re: Arena points suggestion

Postby admin » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:18 pm

We added bonus point percentages for higher ranking positions a while ago when we updated the scoring system, because players complained that it was too advantageous to play later in the day (due to bonus for fighting upwards), and some players cannot play too late during the server day. Given that the player base has became even smaller since then, we have just reduced the bonus point percentages at the top so fighting in the top should get similar amount of points. ( ... 977#p47402)

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