Server Update Notes 05/03/2017

Server Update Notes 05/03/2017

Postby admin » Wed May 03, 2017 11:55 pm

Hello Folks,

Just couple change notes on the recent quick server patch:

- Number of bounty quests shown for players with more than 4 heroes will be increased to 1 per hero (up to 8) after the daily refresh.
- Pet Raid fights against low opponents have piece obtain rate doubled from 10% to 20%.
- More Chloe weapons added to Weapon Treasure Hunt (2 more 5-star set, 1 4-star, 1 3-star, and 1 2-star).
- Chloe weapons and talent books added to various rewards such as relic hunt and Heroes Hall.
- Chloe Talent Books added to Bounty Quests.
- Heroes Hall weapon chest have higher weapon adds slightly increased.
- Fixed a bug where weapon mastery requires player to have 1 more gold than the cost to proceed.

Have fun playing Final Chronicle!
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