Server Update 08/10/2017 - Explore Badge Events & Updates

Server Update 08/10/2017 - Explore Badge Events & Updates

Postby admin » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:36 am

Hi All,

We have some new updates released today. Please see below for details:

* New monthly events badges that award lots of Gems, Gold Coins, and a new Avatar or Frame
** Each Pet Rescue Raid completed, Devil Run finished, and Relic Hunt Victory will rewards 1 point, get 200 points to win badge
** Complete the August Explore badge award: 300 Gems, 100k Gold Coins, a new Avatar choice.
** Future month challenge/badge may have higher requirement due to full month, but will also have higher rewards!

* Pet Max Level increased to 60.
** Each level will require more experience, but stat increase will be greater.
** Level 60 pet will give +1600 HP, +320 ATK/DEF/HIT/DODGE/CRIT/CRIT.D, +72% CRIT DMG/DEF or +72 INITIATIVE

* Heroes Rebalanced.
** Attack speed increased further for: Sakura, Christina, Charles, Gerald (Gerald increased significantly)
** Leader skill bonus doubled for: Main Hero, Raina, Christina, Gerald, Chloe (Helper bonus unchanged)
** Leech skill''s power slightly reduced

* VIP level increased to 15
** Added to reward the most loyal game supporters. VIP 15 will reward the following:
-- Max Friends: 50
-- Daily Raid Tickets: 40
-- Daily Pet Feed: 80
-- Daily Bounty Tasks: 30
-- Daily Alchemy Chances: 30
-- Daily Stamina Purchases: 20
-- Daily Global Chat: 200
-- Daily Gold Store Rest: 40
-- Daily Black Market Reset: 16
-- Daily Nightmare Reset: 5
-- Daily Devil Run: 5

* Misc Improvements
** 30-day gem card now qualify for 1st purchase bonus (price might increase soon)
** Raiding other player's pet pieces now require a team of two or more heroes.
** 5-star Soulstone modification cost reduced
** Minor bug and display fixes.

Have fun playing Final Chronicle!
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