My Phone Was Stolen

My Phone Was Stolen

Postby AlterDemise » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:58 pm

Please help me PM!! My Phone was stolen while riding the train a few days back. I cut my service off as soon as I had internet access. Even though my phone was disconnected, you still can access wifi via home internet etc. Apparently, the person who has my phone had logged on DE. It says in the guild area, that Alter Demise has logged onat so and such time/dates. That was not me. I would love to retrieve my account, and somehow lock it untill i can. I put in close to 2 years login time. Spent probably $1000 on the game, and put ina great effort to max skill and lvl my cards. Im worried, my account will be deleted, gems used, or who knows. Pls PM!! If there is anything to be done.. i can prove that Alter Demise belongs to me.. I have emails with playstore recipts, and also the credit card info used on that account.
Thank you. And i hope you can help a veteran player and supporter of PM.
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Re: My Phone Was Stolen

Postby admin » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:21 pm

Hi AlterDemise,

Please check your private message for how to reclaim your account. (Btw, you posted on the wrong game's support forum).

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