Relic hunt glitch

Relic hunt glitch

Postby icyglaze » Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:15 pm

If and when any player experiences a bit of internet delay, there is a chance said player will disconnect from the game, having to log in again while the other relic hunt participants experience significant delays of their own. That's not the problem. The problem occurs when this delay results in 1 or more turns lapsing between the disconnected player and the other participants. The game logs for 3 players will differ, and when the other 2 finished killing the relic creeps, the previously disconnected player's relic hunt (whose game logs still feature unkilled creeps) hangs. Most of the time, the relic hunt of the disconnected player is force killed when the previous 2 have collected their rewards and exited the relic hunt, but if that doesn't happen, said player's game lies in limbo.

Small problem resulting in a loss of a relic hunt try. But old problem that has been overlooked for too long.

I'm guessing the relic hunt mechanism works like this. Each player sends his action to a central node, central node tallies all player actions and executes. Failure to collect all player action results in no execution. The first fail safe is the action time limit. The second is when a player abandons the relic hunt - relic hunt aborts. I believe you should add another check - when no action is received from the other players within 100 seconds, check whether the other player logs indicate a completed hunt. If yes, transfer player to reward page, if no, continue wait.

Relic hunt rewards are a paltry, but with the monthly goal, every completion kind of matters.
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Re: Relic hunt glitch

Postby admin » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:00 am

Hi icyglaze,

Thanks for the report/feedback. I will forwarded it to the dev team to see if there something we can do to reduce the limbo chance or somehow credit the disconnected member badge progress incase the remaining member wins.

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