Too mu h players leaving the game

Re: Too mu h players leaving the game

Postby admin » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:24 pm

Empyrial wrote:Events? wth are those? You can't seriously call any of those minor blips events can you? Aside from sales, there's been nothing that we could call a real event. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. These blips are features that should've been added from the games beginning. Not after almost 1.5 years >_> lol

Game was released less than a year ago last December, and we had a big update earlier this year with chapter 5 and new Relic Hunt and new pet Raids. I am pretty sure doubling different rewards on daily basis, and rewarding large amount of Gems and coins for completing monthly goals do count as events...

Empyrial wrote:I've read some other posts involving balance as well. Trust me the game is far from balanced. A support char is the most powerful hero in the game. a freaking "SUPPORT" char. what? seriously? >____>
Every hero has pretty much a set build since 1 out of the 2 skill sets clearly overpowers the other. And balance sure as heck ain't the reason that Raina, Hero and Sara are the 3 most chars used in almost every player's party lol.

Yes, Leech was design oversight, last time lowered it's attack slightly there was an outcry. If players now want balance we can lower it even more or reduce it's duration 1 turn. We also have been improving less used heroes and less used skill sets (esp less used heroes, see announcements). The reason the 3 hero you mention is still used most used often is pretty much the inertia effect of effort to improve other heroes, and newer players mimicking teams picked by veteran players.

Empyrial wrote:You have lower level pets procing before higher level pets all due to a chars speed (which cant even be altered). Makes perfect sense alright.

Pet's gain energy when their master hits. This also further helps with making Sara less appealing, and make the less used characters more appealing especially after we significantly increased their speeds.

Empyrial wrote:Other than character level and talents, we were pretty even. Not seeing how those 2 things alone could create a 20-25k power difference but maybe i'm just losing it. Even though i dont play anymore, be great if the understaffed devs could look into it and sate my curiosity~

Talents can significantly improve skills and your hero, and level differential affects the damage modifier.

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Re: Too mu h players leaving the game

Postby icyglaze » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:27 pm

Segway, may I suggest spending 10 mins of your time on this video? I believe it may prove insightful :)
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Re: Too mu h players leaving the game

Postby Empyrial » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:56 pm

Nonono. Exp boosts and and double drop are not full on events. Whoever possessed you to believe that needs a reality check. And 1 year. My bad. But that still means you've only had 1 real update in 1 year. >__> What? Where's the Christmas event? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Etc etc. Ain't seeing nothing but sales here folks.

As for the support char, i wasn't referring to just Sara and her leech. I was referring to her as a whole. Because you handicapped most of the chars in arena, she immediately takes the top spot since you've forced chars into a 1 on 1 fight. My own hero easily maintained 3-4 sp throughout a fight but can only use 1 skill. you mean to tell me thats how it should be? where's the balance in that? And im just using hero and sara as examples here. I can give detailed examples for every char if need be should it be requested.

As for skill builds, care to explain to me why 99% of sara's are using the leech build, and not her healing one? Why 99% of Rainas are using Ice and not fire? Etc. Certainly doesn't seem balanced to me.

as for pets, you dont seem to understand just how powerful pets are in arena. all it takes is 1-2 ice fairies and a devil fairy to completely ruin your opponent. thats it. No stats, setup or anything else will change your defeat. and you can basically be invincible by having a decently geared Sakura in the team as shes almost certainly garunteed to proc first based on your current speed system. Give her an ice fairy and you've setup a team that can steamroll just about anybody. This links into the fact that most teams are using the sara, hero and raina lineup.

You mentioned newer players copying veteran players. Veterans are using these chars because they are slower in arena. Creates a far more interesting match than just steamrolling your opponent. lol >__>

Anyway, good luck maintaining the game~ probably wont be coming back to the forums again either.

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Re: Too mu h players leaving the game

Postby Cgamp » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:11 pm

Empyrial wrote:As for skill builds, care to explain to me why 99% of sara's are using the leech build, and not her healing one? Why 99% of Rainas are using Ice and not fire? Etc. Certainly doesn't seem balanced to me.

I really like Sara's Prayer skill set it really is a crying shame that it is unusable in arena due to it only healing you once your hp is very low hp and thr revives stops workings after only one use.... such a shame.

As for Raina and her ice skill set being dominant it is definitely because the freeze/healing and defence boosting factors..

The fire skill set needs to have the damage boosted on all of it's skills by atleast 10%, increased scorch duration/damage or reduced sp cost for it to ever be worth using.
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