Known issue with Android 11 - do NOT reinstall the game

Known issue with Android 11 - do NOT reinstall the game

Postby admin » Fri Apr 30, 2021 1:58 am

Hi All,

There is a known issue with the Google Play version of the game on Android 11 devices, where some devices new players or reinstalled players will not be able to get past the "Tap to Enter" screen. To avoid this, please do not reinstall the game if you are using Android 11.

We are submitting a new updated client app version to Google Play, but it might take a while and might not get approved due to various requirement changes in the past couple years. In the meantime, if you are unable to get past the "Tap to Enter" screen due to reinstalling or is a new player, you can still play the game via following alternatives:

1. Install the Amazon version instead by downloading the Amazon Appstore then download Final Chronicle through it instead:

2. If you have a computer, you can also download the Bluestacks player that allow you to play Android games any computer:

Sorry for the convenience for those affected and enjoy the game,
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