Server Update 8/29/2013 - "Go to Hell" Pt2

Server Update 8/29/2013 - "Go to Hell" Pt2

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Update August 29, 2013

"Go to Hell" Part 2

* Hell Level 4-6
** Request level 96+ to enter.
** Monsters will have higher hp/defense and attack.
** Bosses will hit extremely hard.
** Reward mechanism same as Hell 1-3.
** Bosses for Hell 4-6 drop 8x pre-enhanced Positron, 16x pre-enhanced Positron, and new Devil series respectively.
** Defeating a Hell 4-6 boss rewards 5 mystic stones.

* New "Devil" item series
** Can only be obtained from Hell 6 Boss and Mystery Boxes.
** Drops from Mystery Boxes for level 100+
** Devil armor absorbs 24% boss damage.
** Devil weapons adds 50% damage against bosses.
** New Devil Ring +35% damage.
** Positron items now drop from mb for 97+ (previous 98+)

* 5 new badges
** Hell 4-6: Death Slayer, Abaddon Slayer, Asmodeus Slayer
** Novice Collector, Expert Collector (see Card Collection below)

* Max level increased to 102
** All level 100 players will starts at 0% exp of the level.
** Amount exp to reach level 101 & 102 is the same as for 100.
** Genius will now for lvl up to 101 in Mystery Boxes.
** All level 102 player will use Faction Points as tie breaker for ranking.
** Max ally level also increased to 102.

* New Card Collection Bonus
** All area specific mobs and bosses will have small chance to drop a card on defeat
** Each mob and boss will have a star rarity between 1 and 7, with 7 being rarest
** The rarer the card, the lower the drop chance.
** Guild based boss drop chance role happens when collecting the reward.
** Global bosses drop chance happens at end of the battle (regardless of defeat), but odds are extremely low.
** Poseidon has extra (rare) chance to drop Fallen card since level 95+ cannot access fallen.
** Players can collect up to 50 cards maximum (out of ~339). After collecting 50, must remove one to before new oen will drop.
** Players earn extra exp bonus equal to total rarity star of their top 10 cards.

* Free energy fill for new players
** Guardian will charge 0 gems for energy refill for players meeting following requirement:
** Level 60 or below.
** Less than 20 points of stat over softcap.
** No more than 50 gems balance.
** No item with more than 100 enhances.
** No more than 20 virtual members (FB only)

* Other game improvements
** Dream World items are now vaultable (losing all enhances).
** The ALL-CAP sell confirm will also appear for items over 20 enhances.
** Added a black market button at alien portal.
** Added Card Collection exp bonus ranking in the ranking screen. All secondary rankings are now also cached at 5 min interval.
** You can now view of other players' badges and cards from their profile.
** Replaced the "Close" button with "Back" when viewing profile of other guild's memberlist.
** Level 97 can now see and bid positron items in the Black Market.
** Improved bank item sorting for items of same level.
** Added free Card Collection cards as extra Gem Purchase Bonus. (See link in Guardian screen for details).
** Minor improvement tweaks and bug fixes.

To celebrate the expansion, there will be extended bonus event from 8/29 thru 9/3.
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Re: Server Update 8/29/2013 - "Go to Hell" Pt2

Postby admin » Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:49 am

Update September 1, 2013

* Fixed bug where card collection badges was not awarding bonus max energy.

* Added "Collection List" to the cards screen (when viewing your own cards)
** Shows all possible collectible cards in the game
** A card is counted as "collected" even if it's removed due to storage limit.
** Possessed bosses will also now have a chance to drop non-possessed versions.
** Possessed Dragon may also drop Ancient One or Emerald Princess card
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