Server Update 03/29/2012 - "Faction Wars" Expansion

Server Update 03/29/2012 - "Faction Wars" Expansion

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Update March 29, 2012

"Faction Wars" expansion

Despite the valiant efforts of Dream World heroes to fight against the invading aliens, the assault on the cities continued and a new mothership has appeared above Demon Gates as well. Desperate to end the invasions, scientists created a Time-gate next to the Alien Portal, and sent an elite exploration team to the future to seek assistance. The exploration team arrived in the year 2153 after exiting the portal, and found the universe in the state chaos caused by an inter-galactic war between 4 races.Focused with their own wars, each race faction requested Dream World's help to take down the opposing faction's military threats called "Mobile fortresses". In return, they will provide suitable gears and bonuses that will help our heros to repel the invasion on Dream World.

* Factions war system
** Guild bosses + Faction based warfare (combining the best mechanics from raid bosses, invasion, and fallen)
** Requires level 73 and being a member of guardian or higher level guild.
** Travel the 2 new war zones by going to Alien Portal.
** 4-day war cycles start on Thursday night US time, and end Monday night.
** Faction War Zone 1 is recommended for guilds with players mostly below 85 (Guild Boss Boss HP: 2B) (Kong S2 500M)
** Faction War Zone 2 is recommended for guilds with several players 85+ (Guild Bass Boss HP: 4B)
** Faction War Zone 2 is temporarily disabled on Myspace and Kongregate S2 until there is more high level players.
** The warring factions for War zone 1 & 2 is determine randomly at start of each war cycle.
** GM/GO must first choose one of the 4 faction for their guild before their members can enter the war zone.
*** Guild can only join the faction with lower total power and can only join 1 faction for each cycle.
*** Faction's total power = Sum guilds' fame + 100 x current reward points
** Each player must defeat their own 100 mobs to increase boss rage to 100%, then they will fight 10 rounds with boss each decrease the rage by 10%. When rage reaches 0 player must fight 100 more mobs to bring back the rage.
** The boss shared with your guild members.
** Each boss defeated reward the guild and their faction 1 or 2 points depending on the zone.
** Faction war zone 1 has a guild contribution cap of 20 points, zone 2 is uncapped.
** All players who dealt 10% damage will receive 1 or 2 "faction points" depending on the war zone (see faction level below).
** Top 5 players dealing 10% gets link to claim page. Item reward is based on player's level instead of finish position:
*** Extended xyphite items for players level 80 and below
*** Orc items for player between 81 and 83.
*** Fallen items for player between 84 and 86
*** Greater Fallen items for player between 87 and 89
*** Drow item for player between 90 and 94
*** Dream World items for player level 95+
** Guild receives exp bonus as follows:
*** 1% per reward point earned, up to 20% for zone 1 and 30% for zone 2.
*** When the war is over, guilds of the winning factions (the faction with higher total points in the war zone) that scored at least 1 point will also gets extra 20% for 3 days
*** Incase of point ties, the faction with lower power wins.
** Guilds' factions are reset at beginning of a new war cycle, so guilds can join a new faction.

* Faction Level System
** Claim links are sent to all player who contributed 10% or more damage to guild faction bosses.
** After clicking on the claim link, players wil earn 1 faction point in war zone 1, and 2 faction points zone 2.
** When player earned enough faction points, then will increase faction level.
** Each new faction level rewards (level X 25) Learning Points.
** Faction level and points are shown in profile screen.
** Faction point is also the ranking tie breaker between level 99 players.

* Alien invades Demon Gates
** Added 8th invasion town but with no damage cap.
** All guilds are still capped at winning 2 towns total.
** If a guild has highest in more 2 two towns, they will only win the first two (ordered by town level) and latter will be won by other guilds.

* 4 New ultimate classes (available to level 75+ players with required skill levels).
** Divine Blade - requires level 90 sword skill
** Mega Bang - requires level 90 gun skill
** Divine Sage - requires level 90 magic skill
** Dragonlord - requires level 80 in all combat skills

* Magic Talisman and the one-use level 90 skills
** Use the Magic Talisman, a rare relic (non-consumable), to perform 90 skills.
** Magic Talisman drops from mystery boxes at 1% chance, but only for player using the new ultimate classes.
** PVE use only (not available in PvP including Mystic War)
** Can only use once per battle
** Costs 300 sp to cast and you must have level 90 skill in the current weapon (or level 80 in all
** When press use on the talisman, effect is based on weapon held
** Gun/bows: Endless Nova: 5x big bang damage
** Sword: Soul Dance: 3-6x devil dance damage depends number of round fought (dolls reset this number)
** Magic: Divine Aurora: 3-5x divine light damage depending current hp (lower higher), plus instant full heal

* Monster Arena Points and changes
** Defeat one of the last 4 boss to earns "MA Points"
** Points used for ranking and to earn badges (see new badges below)
** Arena points is found in the "view more" dialog of profile screen
** Lowered monster arena minimum entrance to level 35
** Some opponent's level in Monster Arena may be lowered based on player's level

* New badges
** "Monster Arena": 100 MA Points
** "King of Monsters": 1000 MA Points
** "Faction Novice": Reach faction level 2
** "Faction Expert": Reach faction level 5
** "Faction Master": Reach faction level 10

* New side-quests: 1
** "Dangerous Mines": defeat 10 mystic mine bosses - Rewards enhance potion + experience
** "Mystic Warrior": attack 7 mystic war wonders - Rewards mystery box + experience

* New Premium Items
** Smart Glaxxes: +3 intelligence
** Nimble Neclace: +3 dexterity
** Magic Pick: unlocks treasure chests
** Puzzle Decoder: unlock puzzle boxes
** When using the magic pick and puzzle decoder, a battle loading icon may show up to ensure random short duration has been passed. This helps to prevent and allow us to catch/ban script users.

* Tweaks, improvements, and class balancing
** After 12th round, battle fatigue will also affects blocking PvE instant kill attacks (lose 1% block rate per round starting with the 13th)
** The sword block, staff/gun crit bonus against the mothership has been removed.
** Mystery Box and Easter Eggs will no longer contain keys/orbs for player level 71+ (odds replaced with dolls, ally books, enhance potion, and dusts)
** Faction points and arena points have been added to ranking page as sortable stats (FB/MS: must use the "ranking" next to the friends bar at the bottom to see the new rank stats)
** The top fallen reward will now be from the extended set
** Yellow crystal sets will now give greater value of 20 and half of player's level, eg. max(20, level/2)
** The 3000 daily mist cap is now applied to all servers (to prevent infinite misting)
** Summon Fallen to cost reduced to 3 gems
** Confirmations prompt will display full upper-case for unique rings and talisman to reduce accidental sells
** Misc bug fixes
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Re: Server Update 03/29/2012 - "Faction Wars" Expansion

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Post-release expansion changes (changes have been incorporated into the expansion patch note as well)

* Faction War zone 2 bonus cap increased to 30% (before victory bonus)
* Faction War reward level ranges have been adjusted for orc/fallen/great-fallen/drow items
* Added a rage/hp and stats button at entrance of Faction War (alien portal)
* Added a "stock" indicator for mist potions (visible to level 51+)
* Battle fatigue in PvE now only affects blocking instant kill attacks and only starting on the 13th round, but sword/staff/gun’s extra bonus against mothership was removed
* Fixed the hidden decode button in Internet Explorer
* Fixed capping issue in the Demon Gate invasion
* Misc bug fixes.
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